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Pastor, teacher remember Durham man killed in shooting

Posted January 4, 2012
Updated January 5, 2012

— A pastor and teacher of a Durham man killed in a shooting Monday say the 24-year-old was "a faithful guy," "a really talented musician" and a "beautiful person."

Officers found Joey Derek Squire in a breezeway outside his home at Bainbridge Apartments, 2907 Bainbridge Drive. He later died from the gunshot wound.

Brandon Tyrel Jones, 26, of Southpoint Crossing, is charged with murder. Those who knew the men say Jones, an Iraq war veteran, believed Squire had an affair with his wife while he was deployed. Police have not confirmed what the motive was.

Pastor Andy Thompson, of World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, says Squire's death should be a cautionary tale for other young people.

"We're trying to use it to teach them to be careful of the decisions they make, but also we're trying to figure out what we can do to really keep (Squire's) name going," he said.

Slain NCCU student was 'faithful', 'talented' Slain NCCU student was 'faithful', 'talented'

Squire played saxophone in the church's band and was a senior at North Carolina Central University, majoring in jazz music. He played at five church services, back-to-back, the weekend before he died, according to Thompson.

"It's just sad for an African-American young man to be senselessly murdered. It's a sad situation. It's a tough thing for us," Thompson said.

NCCU music professor Candace Bailey described her student as "soulful, sincere, mature and unique." She says she often saw him practicing his saxophone in the music department early in the morning. He also performed a song and sent it to her for her birthday, she said.

The school released a statement Wednesday, saying the school is saddened by Squire's death.

"We offer our prayers for the family that they may find the strength to survive this loss."

Ira Wiggins, an associate professor in the music department at NCCU, said Squire's inspiring life will be remembered. 

"Joey was a very sincerer person and was dedicated to the perfection of his craft," Wiggins said. "He will be missed but his spirit will continue to inspire me, fellow faculty members and other students in the department of music. I cam committed to ensuring that his life will have lasting meaning." 


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  • Goodone2 Jan 6, 2012

    I agree with you MAXCADMAN- My thoughts exactly when I was reading this.

  • maxcadman Jan 5, 2012

    why is this so called pastor making this a racial issue? he said this is a sad day because of this young african american man was senselessly murdered. In my eyes it is a sad day for any race that it happended to and he as a pastor should be for the good of all mankind and not just african americans!

  • Jack Flash Jan 5, 2012

    "I do not condone the husband killing him, but I also think that people have to take responsibility for their actions and make sure that they are not doing something that will cost them their lives."
    Under many circumstances I would agree, like if we were talking about a speeding ticket for speeding. But we're talking about murder here. I think people should reap what they sow, but not that they should receive far more severe consequences than their offense deserves.

  • kmariej10 Jan 5, 2012

    As a member of Joey's church, he was a talented musician. He helped usher in the presence of God each service he played. I did not personally know him, but I pray for his family, and all others involved. May the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit be with them now.

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Jan 5, 2012

    Uhavenoclu, you really have no clue. First of all, if this young man did have an affair with another man's wife, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE, period. It is unfortunate that the reason he was killed was because of this assumption on the husband's part, but this young man really should not have put himself in a position where it could have even been speculated that he was involved with another man's wife. I do not condone the husband killing him, but I also think that people have to take responsibility for their actions and make sure that they are not doing something that will cost them their lives.

  • Jack Flash Jan 4, 2012

    Those people dismissing this as some "business as usual in Durham" yesterday before young Mr. Squire was even identified ought to be ashamed. Whatever this was, it wasn't any gangbanger stereotype people like to assume. Sick.

    "I knew joey...he was a really sweet guy may he rest in peace"
    I'm very much on board w/ that message. I'm very sorry for your loss and the pain.
    I can't support what the pastor said in the article:
    "It's just sad for an African-American young man to be senselessly murdered. It's a sad situation. It's a tough thing for us..."
    Sorry, but when you make it out as a sad thing SPECIFICALLY b/c of his ethnicity, you imply that it would be less sad if he was of another ethnicity. That's just wrong. It's kind of like he's cutting me out from expressing sympathy b/c he's making it exclusionary.

  • Uhavenoclu Jan 4, 2012

    Marriage or any relationship is not ownership.No one owns another's soul if you think marriage is limiting yourself and giving up your freedom to please one person,your soul is not growing.
    Marriage is the coming together to grow together to learn.There is more to learn but when you try and make over someone to be like you like most spouses do you are taking away someones power.
    The reason he had an affair should tell him something that she was lonely for there are many wives who have been married for many years pretending in public that they are happy but when they go to sleep at night they know the truth is they are lonely.
    Yes even men as well,that is why they cheat,their marriage or relationships have lost the spark and it's time to move on,not stay together because of the kids or security.
    The best time for a divorce is before you get married.

  • Joe Schmoe Jan 4, 2012

    Sounds like Jones had a suspicion, and sounds like none of us have any way of knowing whether Squires actually did anything wrong. Sounds like maybe we should all just hold our tongues and not be party to bearing false witness.

  • keeahmee Jan 4, 2012

    Wow I knew joey unlike those of you offering your opinions.he was a really sweet guy may he rest in peace

  • JDawn1984 Jan 4, 2012

    doggypoos, you are rushing to judgement. The article says Jones believed Squire had an affair with his wife. It hasn't been confirmed yet. As far as Pastor Andy, how do you know what he is teaching the members of his congregation? If Squire did have an affair, his pastor is not responsible for it. A pastor can't make decisions for any member of his congregation.