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Suspect arrested in Henderson home invasion

Posted December 30, 2011
Updated January 4, 2012

— The Vance County Sheriff's Office has arrested a second suspect in a Thursday home invasion where a teenager defended himself and his sister by shooting an intruder.

Sheriff Peter White said Michael Anthony Henderson Jr., 19, had crossed the threshold at 586 S. Lynnbank Road, where two teens were home alone. The boy shot him, and he stumbled outside to the lawn, where deputies found him.

Henderson was taken to Maria Parham Medical Center, where he died.

Later Thursday, deputies apprehended Andrew Terry, 23, of 113 N. Woods Drive, and charged him with felony breaking and entering, conspiracy to commit breaking and entering and injury to real property.  

Terry was also wanted in a break-in Nov. 14 at a different Vance County home.

Henderson's sister said Friday that he had been in trouble before. "We don’t condone what he did, but at the end of the day, that’s still my brother," she said. "We are glad the family is OK."

A check of his criminal record shows Henderson had previous charges of trespass, assault and property damage. He was due in court in early 2012 on charges of operating a vehicle without a license or registration.

No charges are expected against the teen for firing on Henderson. North Carolina's Castle Doctrine law, updated on Dec. 1, allows homeowners to assume intruders mean them ill whether they have a weapon on not. Henderson was not armed, White said.


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  • warbirdlover Dec 30, 2011

    That happened about 8 miles from my house on Marks Road on Mt. Pleasent, just outside of Vass. Her name was Emily Elizabeth Haddock. The shooter got Life without Parole, and the others copped a plea.

  • Southern Girl Dec 30, 2011

    This boy is to be commended for protecting his home, his family and his sister. Good for him. He had been trained in how to handle a gun, and he used what he had learned.

    This should be the first step in citizens defending their property and their loved ones. NOBODY has the right to invade my property or anybody else's that they have worked hard to obtain. If they do choose to invade, they can suffer the consequences!!

  • WooHoo2You Dec 30, 2011

    Your statement does not make sense. You can not say in one sentence that you are a "very liberal democrat" then later in the same statement say "Do not try to take from another what they have labored for". Those two things are 100% conflicted. smbiz

    You have ZERO understanding of what the words "liberal" or "democrat" mean?. Do bother replying being your post proves you do not...

  • pathfyndr Dec 30, 2011

    westernwake1...you are welcome...just wanted to posts to be turned to a positive...and hopefully educate. I live in another county and will be moving to Wake after the first of the year. Hope we all understand the laws...and next year will be a time we can protect ourselves. Just another footnote as a Concealed Carry Permit holder...once heard a Law Enforcement Office say..."The day you ever pull that trigger will be the worst day of your life". I know that is true. I am sorry for the situation...but we all do what we have to do to protect our family.

  • ICTrue Dec 30, 2011

    "As a very liberal democrat and just a human being, my condolences to the family of the thief. My condolences also to the young man who had to defend himself, possibly, and for sure his home. Do not try to take from another what they have labored for. It is theirs, not yours. Someone failed to tell that to this thief and it cost him everything." undefeated

    Your statement does not make sense. You can not say in one sentence that you are a "very liberal democrat" then later in the same statement say "Do not try to take from another what they have labored for". Those two things are 100% conflicted.

    That said...I am glad that this kid had the guts to protect his home and family. With the Castle Doctrine, I hope to hear more stories like this and less about family members being robbed, raped and killed by intruders. More citizens protecting themselves is the only thing that will make these criminals think twice about what they do.

  • rmsmith Dec 30, 2011

    For once in a long time, I'd like to say "thanks" to the NC government officials that passed the castle doctrine bill. I'm a CWP permit holder and I hope my weapon rusts away before ever needing to use it.

    I'm also very sorry for both families that had to go thru this ordeal. This is a "no win" situation for both families and sad.

    BUT....if enough citizens start standing their ground and protect their families, hopefully the criminals will rethink their actions as they know they are doomed.

    I'm sure there will be arguements but the next place of focus should be on carrying CWP to a restraunt. As long as the CWP holder is not consuming alcohol, they should be able to carry. The law clearly DEMANDs ZERO TOLERANCE / consumption of alcohol while carrying. This means your grocery store, WalMart, etc.

    Think differently, do keep in mind the Raleigh Ross dept store was robbed a day or so ago and gun point.

  • westernwake1 Dec 30, 2011

    pathfyndr - Thank you for the links and information on the new NC castle doctrine law.

  • pathfyndr Dec 30, 2011


  • pathfyndr Dec 30, 2011

    soory for the cut off...ran out of text... the new law does away with Civil Lawsuits that can be brought againt those defending themselves. Before a criminal who lived could sue you for everything you owned from jail. Anyway...here is the link...

    I had hope with the passing of the New Castle Doctrine law that when it came into effect Dec 1st there would have been some air time to cover that for the public. Didn't happen. I think it would greatly educate the public and solve alot of the comment/questions if you would take the time to read it. It really isn't that long. If the link doesn't work you can do a search for NC HB 650...and to answer some of the posts, the new law does away with the Civil Lawsuits that can be brought against those defending their lives. Before, a criminal could break in your house and get shot, go to jail for it...and with all that time on his hands study and come back and file a civil suit and take everything you have...house, money, etc. So anyway, take a li

  • phartz54 Dec 30, 2011

    jag53 I do believe the sister was the older sibling.