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Man injured after being hit by Fayetteville police stun gun

Posted December 28, 2011

— A man was in critical condition Wednesday after being stunned with a Taser during a fight with Fayetteville officers, police said.

The man fought with officers who tried to handcuff and arrest him after he repeatedly called 911 from pay phones at the bus station at 324 Person St. around 4:10 a.m., police said.

An officer used a Taser on the man, but it seemed to have little effect, police said, and the man continued to fight with up to six officers until he was subdued. Officers might have also used a baton on the man, police said.

Medical personnel treated the man at the bus station and took him to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where he remained later Wednesday. His identity was withheld, pending notification of family.

Three officers also suffered minor injuries during the fight. The six officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

"We don't believe that the Taser had much of a role at all," said Sgt. Gary Womble. "We do know there was physical force used by six officers to try to restrain one person ... and once we look into it and make a determination of responsibility, then we'll make a determination on the culpability of those officers."

The Fayetteville Police Department's use of X-26 Tasers came under scrutiny after the Aug. 24 death of Michael Wade Evans, 56, who collapsed after being stunned with a Taser during a struggle with officers. An autopsy found that he had four times the lethal dose of cocaine in his system.

Fayetteville police use stun gun during fight Fayetteville police use stun gun during fight

Police Chief Tom Bergamine ordered that all department-issued Tasers be tested to ensure they were working properly. 

An analysis by manufacturer Taser International showed that all but five of the police department's 190 stun guns worked properly. The five malfunctioning units, which held a smaller charge than they should have, were replaced. None were used on Evans.


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  • awood2 Dec 29, 2011

    sounds like he was on something! Just saying..Someone who could take that and still keep on going. something don't sound right

  • usemailinator Dec 29, 2011

    "The man fought with officers who tried to handcuff and arrest him "
    Lets not forget, it was the SUSPECT who put the cops in the position where they had to taze him, not the other way around.
    So sorry. Next time follow their commands and it won't happen this way.

  • weaver52000 Dec 29, 2011

    "Why is it that everytime LEOs have to subdue someone with a less than lethal weapon there is a bunch of bleeding hearts sticking up for the suspect,"

    Why is it every time there is a LEO who uses excessive force we have the armchair hangmen chearing him on saying he should have done more?
    Ezekiel c23 v19to20

    Scaramouche, is that you?

  • krazikatt2 Dec 29, 2011

    DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT and COPs eye - thank you both.

    LEOs always get a bad rap on this site from people who seem more concerned about getting back in their comments at the officers of the LAW that pulled them over on the way to work for breaking the SPEED LIMIT LAWS making them guilty of criminal activity.

    These hateful comments are directed at individuals that DAILY risk life and limb to protect our safety and property while being ridiculed and underpaid. So the next time one of you hateful people are robbed or assaulted, please do not call upon the fine men and women in law enforcement to save you backend since you hate them and the job they do so much. You do not deserve to have their assistance.

    Signed the PROUD sister of a Deputy Sherrif!

  • dwr1964 Dec 28, 2011

    This guy was less than intelligent. Multiple calls from the same area to 911 and then he decides to fight when the cops show up. May he rest in peace. Well....if the stars are really lined up good.

  • COPs eye Dec 28, 2011

    Tasers and pepper spray are a great in-between tool. Use them against the crazy guy with a knife or who has a gun or says he has a gun, you've got my support. Use them against protesters and grandmas that aren't cooperating, then you don't.

    In this situation and this situation only, not grandma, not children, not NON violent protestors....the use of the taser was justified. Everyone on here that has an opinion against anything we do should educate themselves by doing the job for a few months before they post. Your eyes will be opened and your opinions will change.

  • Dat MoFo Dec 28, 2011

    Knightrider, why didn't the employees or manager at the bus station call the cops? How do you know he was robbed several times?

  • bubbba Dec 28, 2011

    I bet the 14 year veteran cop that blew a .14 today felt bad about this and got a DWI on purpose. Those darn mentally ill people using 911 all need some shock therapy.

  • thepeopleschamp Dec 28, 2011

    "6 officers? Really? Vs 1? Sounds like they may need to spend more time in the gym." mrlee34

    Please detail for us how you would take into custody, without harming them at all, a person who is combative, not feeling any pain at all, and unstable? Can't wait to hear.

  • Mark Hayes Dec 28, 2011

    If you do nothing to bring the law to your attention then the chances of being in contact with them is pretty slim,it seems everytime something like this happens the LEO's involved take the blame but when crime runs rampid then they also get blamed,all in all most LEO's do a fair job of trying to keep citizans safe and anymore they have no idea who is carrying a weapon or not,just obey the law and most of the time there is no problem.