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Christmas morning fire leaves 32 homeless

Posted December 25, 2011
Updated December 26, 2011

— A two-alarm fire at a Raleigh townhouse complex early Christmas Day left nearly three dozen people without a home Sunday.

Lt. Adam Stanley, with the Raleigh Fire Department, said that someone called 911, reporting the fire in the Green Castle Apartments, 2647 New Hope Church Road, at 2:19 a.m.

Heavy flames were pouring from the roofs of two townhouses when fire crews arrived. About 60 firefighters worked for more than an hour to bring the blaze under control.

Everyone inside the townhouses managed to get out safely, and no one was injured, Stanley said.

Seven units in the building were destroyed and three others were damaged, leaving 32 people homeless.

Red Cross spokesman Barry Porter said the charity is helping 15 families. They're providing temporary shelter at the Comfort Suites hotel on Capital Boulevard. Information on donating can be found on the Red Cross website.

Stanley said investigators have determined the fire started outside unit 2647 and spread up to the roof, but they haven't yet figured out what caused it. One resident said neighbors had set a fire outside and it spread to the building. Raleigh townhouse fire, Christmas Day Fire strikes Raleigh townhouses

The building had smoke detectors but not a sprinkler system, Stanley said.

Sunday's fire was the third large one to strike Green Castle Apartments in the past five years.

Faulty wiring inside a townhome sparked a June 14, 2010, fire that destroyed or damaged six units, displacing 24 people.

Lightning struck a townhome on April 3, 2006, causing a fire that damaged seven units, leaving 12 people without a place to live.


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  • doovinator Dec 27, 2011

    vraptor these people are homeless. Their home was destroyed, they are homeless. It'll be nice if someone takes them in (by your tone I doubt that you will ever, ever help out, but that's beside the point), but they are still homeless.

  • damnyank Dec 27, 2011

    storchheim, gotcha. but nowhere in my comment did i mention anything about illegal immigrants. only about living conditions of certain people.. but ok.
    and even if i were "over-qualified" to clean toilets.. if i couldn't find a job anywhere... bills have to be paid and mouths fed. you take what you can find to survive... especially in these times.
    but everyone's entitled to their opinion.... so yeah

  • vraptor Dec 26, 2011

    The fire is news. The homeless part is not. wral. How do you know they are homeless? Like on the streets and begging for money??? Did they not have home owners insurance? Do they not have any family / friends / coworkers they can stay with??? Maybe they can stay with you??? Because you support the redistribution of wealth... How about sharing some of yours???

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 26, 2011

    People limit themselves in many ways,especially when they want to say something but are afraid..."I want to talk to them but am afraid for if I talk to them so and so will get mad at me because they are having problems and they wiil be mad at me"
    People need to speak up if you go with the flow you are nothing,if you talk to someone when no one else will because you are aftraid they won't like you then you are nothing,if no one has upset you then talk to them when you give up your freedom and ways just to please others you are in fact selling your souls to others.
    I'm not saying don't care about others yes you should care but caring and loving another is to let them be them,don't make over someone to be like you let them say and be them,we were all raised differently so my ways and your ways may not agree or be the same as others and if others get uposet by it then they are the ones with problems.
    Most people living in those conditions like you say get used to it so it is the norm.Thank

  • driverkid3 Dec 26, 2011

    Uhavenoclu, I ahve been saying the same thing for many years now. I've learned not to be afraid to speak up, and I do it often.

    With the number of people living in each of these apartments, someone SHOULD have investigated before now. I wouldn't want to live in that complex, the sanitary conditions have to be horrible, but people do live in those conditions, I guess it reminds them of home. Plus the noise has to be unbearable. In any case, keep speaking out where you are, I will do the same from here.

  • storchheim Dec 26, 2011

    oh, and damnyank - I'm too overqualified to clean toilets. I can't even get a call back. I spent an hour today alone crafting one letter for one job application. I just love unemployment: receiving about one third of what I used to earn, and not even being able to get a loan to downsize. I wish it could go on forever, but I'm getting fat from eating bonbons while I post here.

    Yes, we ALL should have been saving. We all should have been continuously upgrading skills and learning entrepreneurship. Those who did those things will have a softer landing. But many jobs are gone overseas and will never come back. Even IT jobs are increasingly filled by Indians, Asians, and now that those people have wised up and started demanding more money, Eastern Europe. Cities up north have problems with Polish and Lithuanian immigrants working construction under the table, and they're white.

    I won't wish job loss on you, but you might sing a very different tune if it happened.

  • storchheim Dec 26, 2011

    danmyank, here are a couple of reasons it bothers people so much:

    If they are here illegally, they're already criminals.

    Increasingly, even the grown-up anchor babies are turning to lives of violence, drug-dealing, idleness, and general detriment to society.

    They refuse to assimilate. La Raza threatens Americans, saying they're going to take back "their" country. Border guards are gunned down.

    Living too many people of ANY nationality to a unit is unsanitary and leads to noise, violence, disease and disintegration of the building.

    Shall I go on?

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 26, 2011

    Most people live in fear every minute of their lives,they worry and are stressed out which is a form of fear,worried about their bills,their children,their jobs.
    Those fears are not real,anger is a form of fear brought on by ego,people who claim they are right and ridicule others and critisize them are not real,they also live by ego...remember someone who was put on some wooden posts and nailed up there?,well he was ridiculed and critisized for what he said as well.
    So the ones who do get critisized and ridiculed are the real ones instead of the ones who just sit and laugh and think THEIR ways and beliefs are the way...For if the man were to come back today even though they never left..what religion would they choose,and would they berate and condemn others from other religions and deny them access to his fathers house?
    The kingdom of heaven lies within.Not above,When they say rise into heaven they mean to rise above your negativity,your hatred your judgments for strangers or family

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 26, 2011

    Thank you driver and dam,I speak for the majority who are afraid to speak up,what I say on each story there are probably many reading it and thinking what I say but are afraid to say it.
    Now I don't complain I speak fact and what I have seen and heard and read the problem is many people when they read only see words and not meanings,they are blind and like most believe the first thing they see or hear without going deeper.
    As for others I care about others but to care you have to let them live and speak without condemning them people only get offended if they allow themselves to be,same with hurt,and abgry and happy and sad for people don't make you offended,or abgry or happy or sad or lonely or loved...You do by choosing how you want to react and no ignoring someone is not the right way .
    Choose your emotions wisely for On the first day God said let there be light for if you let your light shine you open up a whole new world for yourself.Darkness is your negativity,your hatred,judgmen

  • Coretta Scott Thing Dec 26, 2011

    My family had a land development and construction business back in the 80's and we constantly had to maneuver around families of all nationalities that wanted to use walk in closets as bedrooms for grandparents and aunts. One family requested 10 built in bunk beds in the living room ( and this was already a four bedroom house) They were planning 3 people in each bedroom, grandparents in the walk in closets, 10 relatives in the living room and who knows who else. Thank goodness there was a home owner association that prohibited such communal behavior!