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Local charities still short thousands of toys

Posted December 12, 2011
Updated December 13, 2011

— With its Christmas gift distribution only one week away, the Salvation Army of Wake County said Monday that it still about 6,000 toys short. 

Organizers said 3,600 families signed up for the group's Angel Tree Program this year. That's an increase of 500 children since last year.

The charity said it would tap into red kettle donations to buy gifts, but only if they have to. 

"The more material donations that we get, the more of those kettle donations that we can use throughout the year to meet the needs of even more families," Salvation Army spokeswoman Haven Sink said. 

Red kettle donations throughout the county are also suffering – down 9 percent from this time in 2010.

In an attempt to increase donations, the Salvation Army has added Quick Response codes to all of its Wake County kettles, allowing individuals to give with their mobile devices instead of with cash or coins. 

Salvation Army still short thousands of toys Salvation Army still short thousands of toys

Red kettles are located at all Walmart and Harris Teeter locations in Wake County, as well as at North Hills Shopping Center, Triangle Town Center and Cary Towne Center.

Organizers at the Durham Rescue Mission said Monday that donations are picking up but they are still 4,000 toys short. 

"I am very concerned, but I have seen in the past that when the word gets out that there are a lot of good people in Durham," Durham Rescue Mission CEO Ernie Mills said. "They always meet the need." 

Two weeks ago, they only had 15 toys. After a WRAL News story aired, the mission collected about 2,000 toys, organizers said.


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  • marya0909 Dec 13, 2011

    Where should donated toys be dropped off? An address please.

  • redoit2000 Dec 13, 2011

    I was all set to make a donation to the Durham Rescue Mission which I think is an excellent organization. Then I watched the WRAL footage of the Thanksgiving dinner that was provided by the organization. Almost all of those attending were Hispanics, and my guess would be illegal at that. I have no interest in supporting anyone here illegally. Does Mexico give out free toys and food during the holidays or is it just us?

  • paradiselost Dec 13, 2011

    Here's another thought. We should all be kind and generous throughout the year. Why wait until Christmas:-)

  • paradiselost Dec 13, 2011

    I understand there are kids who won't get much for Christmas but I know for a fact some of these people in 'need' go from agency to agency same as one would make rounds at the mall. I prefer to contact the smaller charities directly such as domestic violence shelters. They have immediate needs for basic items like blankets, socks, coats, toiletries and food. When charities ask for $80 sneakers and $50 video games? Well, good luck with that.

  • Ambygirl Dec 13, 2011

    Ripcord--May the ghosts of your Christmas past come to visit you. And may you get NOTHING

  • BubbaDuke Dec 13, 2011

    There are always people who will scam the system. That's not the fault of the charity or the program, but is typical of the sort of character of people who think the world owes them something.

    The Aversboro Coffee Shop in Garner had about 150 angel ornaments on their tree. The neighborhood got together and took care of all those gifts, and they should be proud. Not every neighborhood is as caring as Aversboro, and not all businesses are willing to participate in community events like the Aversboro Coffee Shop. The difference between this community and people like Ripdcord is that they understand the joy of giving to help others.

  • Ripdcord Dec 13, 2011

    I am so sick of hearing this this year. Nothing brought me more holiday cheer than not hearing the phones ring on the WRAL Coats for the Children telethon? $25 for a pair of sweats? I mean give me a break WRAL. And places like the Durham Rescue Mission just passing out free stuff to anybody who says they need it. Well guess what, I need things too. If it means I can't get a new Range Rover this year than so be it. I am sick sick sick of hearing how many people are in need, when only a small percentage of them actually are.

    And let me say, the same thing goes for the people in here who think they are entitled to cheap gas. You're not. Welcome to reality in the year 2011 where billions more people have cars and money and needs just like you do.

  • Remy Dec 13, 2011

    " Being "short" implies they have a requirement. "

    They DO have a requirement, to get toys for all the children that signed up. The uncaring comments on this story really make me sad that our society does not care more about each other.

  • Scubagirl Dec 13, 2011

    IF I were to draw from an Angel tree or any other gift giving place and the request was for something like an iPod or game I believe I'd do 1 of 2 things: 1 put it back, 2 buy something useful but certainly NOT an iPod or game. Maybe a monopoly game but not a video one. This only teaches and/or reinforces the feeling of entitlement. Yes the children are innocent victims and that is an unfortunate side effect of the whole thing.
    Reminds me of some of the kids who trick-or-treat and then turn their nose up if they are given just a little bit of candy or a type they don't like. Or the ones that just stand there w/ their PILLOW CASES open and don't even bother saying "trick or treat".

  • Ambygirl Dec 13, 2011

    PBSM-- Grinch green is not a very becoming color for you.