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Raleigh joyride ends in crash, arrests

Posted November 17, 2011

— Police officers monitoring traffic late Wednesday made a surprising sighting – four silver vehicles stolen from a Raleigh car dealership earlier that day, all being driven along the road together.

Police said staff at Mitchell Mill Motors, on Forestville Road, reported Wednesday morning that four vehicles had been stolen: a 2002 Honda Accord, a 2007 Lexus RX350, a 2005 Lexus RX330 and a 2005 Honda Pilot.

Officers spotted the four stolen vehicles shortly before midnight at Raleigh Boulevard and Skycrest Drive, police said. The drivers split in different directions when officers tried to stop them.

Officers didn't chase the vehicles but followed in the direction that the Honda Pilot had gone.

Police said the SUV crashed into a power pole at 3124 Brentwood Road, then into a minivan parked in a driveway. The impact flipped the minivan.

The driver ran from the SUV, leaving behind two female passengers, Mylasai Howard, 18, and Shakeera Johnson, 19, police said. The women told officers they had been kidnapped, but police said they are friends with the driver, identified as Ricky Butler, 24.

Four stolen cars try to flee Raleigh police Four stolen cars try to flee Raleigh police

It took officers less than 10 minutes to track down Butler, who was walking less than a mile away at a Handee Hugo's gas station.

Meanwhile, police said, the driver of the Honda Accord – identified as Kendrick Lewis, 16 – ditched the car on Burgundy Street, near North Raleigh Boulevard, and ran. Officers tracked Lewis to the North Millbanks Court Apartments complex, at 1500 N. Raleigh Blvd.

In the complex's parking lot, officers also found the stolen Lexus RX350, police said. Police haven't found the fourth stolen vehicle.

Police said that Lewis was also found with property stolen during a home burglary on Quince Drive Wednesday evening. He was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of stolen goods and resisting an officer.

Butler was charged with failure to appear in court, possession of a stolen vehicle and receiving stolen goods. He was also served with an outstanding warrant for driving with a revoked license.

Both were placed in the Wake County jail under separate $27,500 bonds.

Police said the women could be charged with filing a false police report.


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  • gmuny33 Nov 18, 2011

    Racial profiling has been going on for centuries, even before they felt like it was justified. If you only patrol and stop a particular race, then that is all that will be arrested and fill the jails. UNC PH.d.a., you are obviously one of the most racist on these blogs, but please recognize your own while you demean another. Mr. UNC, you are biased from one of the liberal schools in the state, but funny you don't mind the blacks winning you sports championships. How bout you comment on the shooting in Raleigh, and the cop shooting in Wake Co., but I forgot, you will start to separate Raleigh to make your point, but all of Durham is black/hispanic and crime ridden. How bout I won't take my child to any white school to be assaulted or fondled with, but some pervert with a position.

  • icmfal Nov 18, 2011

    Officers didn't chase? - airman

    They do not chase because if an innocent bystander was hit and injured/killed, then everyone would be screaming at the officers for chasing them and saying they should have just let the car thieves go.

  • redraleighwolf Nov 17, 2011

    joyride?? this was not a joyride!! it was driving stolen vehicles. where did this headline come from?

  • vraptor Nov 17, 2011

    Demo graphics predictable. Sad.

  • sweetmysty2011 Nov 17, 2011

    youmakeitsoeasy, RPD pays wholesale gas prices when they fill at city services center. no where near what we pay. Don't think gas is why they didn't chase.

  • Screw WrAl Nov 17, 2011

    "Officers didn't chase? Why is it that police can't chase stolen vehicle, by dept policy?"

    They are now mandated to save fuel. Their budgets are toast once fuel hits $4 a gallon and it won't be long now. All chases and false alarm investigations are on hold for at least 6 months.

  • Screw WrAl Nov 17, 2011

    Good thing they took their joyride before gas rages to over $4 a gallon!

  • Proud Airman Nov 17, 2011

    Officers didn't chase? Why is it that police can't chase stolen vehicle, by dept policy? Why is it that, in Raleigh, if the police try to pull you over you can just drive away and they can't chase you? Something needs to change with that. People don't run from the police for no reason. As a citizen of Raleigh, I want the police to chase and catch criminals! Something needs to change!!!

  • UNC PH.d Nov 17, 2011

    ncdime1235, Carl doesn't have racist opinions...their factually based opinions. That area of town has the highest crime rate in the city, comparable to many parts of Durham. How can you argue against FACTS? Not everybody who lives on Poole Rd downtown is a bad person, but there's a lot that goes down there which tells EVERYBODY that their are a lot of criminals there and you better lock your doors at night. You act like God forbid some white person talks bad about a black neighborhood, even if it's the HOOD. Geez...grow up and face reality.

    Why do you think the police and military teach and use profiling, and so effectively? Cause it works!

  • XLAW Nov 17, 2011

    How about changing "joyride" in the caption to "auto thefts" so as not to trivialize what happened.