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UNC student suspected in second bank robbery

Posted November 14, 2011
Updated November 23, 2011

— A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student charged with robbing an Apex bank last week also is wanted in a Franklin County robbery, police said Monday.

Gordon Goodwin, 22, was arrested Saturday night in Atlantic City, N.J., after he called his mother and she arranged his surrender.

"He was sobbing and said he wanted to come home," Diana Goodwin said Monday.

Investigators say Goodwin robbed a SunTrust Bank branch inside a Kroger grocery store at 940 U.S. Highway 64 on Nov. 7.

Youngsville Police Chief Daren Kirts said Goodwin also is suspected of robbing a SunTrust Bank branch in Youngsville on Nov. 3.

In that robbery, a man handed a teller a note that said he had a gun and wanted money. He fled with about $740, Kirts said.

Goodwin will be charged with the Youngsville robbery once authorities bring him back to North Carolina, Kirts said.

UNC student suspected in second bank robbery UNC student suspected in second bank robbery

Diana Goodwin said she never expected that her son, who was two months away from graduation, would be accused of robbing banks.

"It's just unbelievable. I think any parent out there, 99 percent of parents, would sympathize in that they can't imagine something like this happening," she said.

She wants to know why he would have put himself in a position to be accused.

"The whole family wants to know why. People who know him want to know why," Diana Goodwin said.

It's a question investigators can't answer.

"He was young and apparently had a lot going for him. I'm not really sure why he did it," Kirts said. "This is not your normal bank robber."


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  • gordonsmom Nov 15, 2011

    Our hearts are breaking. Bless everyone who has contacted us with messages of support for Gordon. luvbouviers, I know who you are and thank you, I'll let Gordon know you are thinking of him.

  • sandiegom22 Nov 15, 2011

    You have to do something to pay tuition now days.

  • wakemom Nov 15, 2011

    no. i am keeping this card out bc again comments are different depending on the color of the criminal! to me a criminal is a criminal no matter where he or she comes from or their background.

  • RM24 Nov 15, 2011

    I wish the young man had gotten away with it. Banks rob us all each day more than this young man could do in 100 years.

    The above poster is:

    A. CLearly not recovering from drug induced brain damage!
    B. Part of the OWS movement.
    C. Just plain dumb.

  • RM24 Nov 15, 2011

    He should have told the police that since the doors were not locked and they were not doing anything with the money at that time, then he felt it was ok to take it. Appears that the OWS croud feels that way about business not in use.

  • RM24 Nov 15, 2011

    no being funny. but why is it when a white person does wrong up here comments read he is disabled or blah blah with people backing the "criminal" up. but when it is a black person he has no daddy or single parent at home? - wakemom

    You find the article where the student was black/hispanic/white and about to grad in one month from a University like UNC and the comments would read the same. Its unusual for someone one month from grad to rob banks. However this is not want you want to hear because it is obvious. You are trying to play the race card, and unless the black person was grad in one month from a university, with no criminal record, then your post has NO validity.

  • buford Nov 15, 2011

    no being funny. but why is it when a white person does wrong up here comments read he is disabled or blah blah with people backing the "criminal" up. but when it is a black person he has no daddy or single parent at home? - wakemom

    I believe because people wonder why a "student" at a prestigious college would do something like this...if he were black, going to the same college and had everything going for him...I think they'd wonder why also...put the race card away...

  • Seriouslydough Nov 15, 2011

    Wakemom....It is not race based, it is the amount of failure! He was 1 month away from graduating from college, not one month away from his next government check! People are people, but backgrounds and pasts have a lot to do with comments on this site! True, not everyone has the opportunites that this kid did....oh wait, yes everyone does, it is called excelling and choosing the right path, which he did for 20+ yeasr of his life. And you know what, he will face the same consequences, as someone that is green, orange, black or white, for his crimes and poor choices!

  • Seriouslydough Nov 15, 2011

    Gambling debt? He surrendered from New Jersey! I am a gambler, but have enough self control not to get in over my head, but I have been at some games where I know some of the other players are blowing more than just their own money! Unfortunately, he got in over his head and will not pay the price. Hopefully jail does not screw him up too much, and he cen get out one day and start turning his life around, small chance, but there is always hope!

  • prophetdavis08 Nov 15, 2011

    Very SAD, Praying for the family!