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Military couples live together in combat zone

Posted November 4, 2011

— When troops are deployed, they usually have to leave behind a spouse. But there are cases where soldiers are married to other soldiers in the same brigade.

In the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, two married couples have been able to live together while deployed to Afghanistan.

For the next year, the Churchills and the Davises will share a plywood building at Bagram Airfield. Each couple has a small room.

Jennifer and Glen Churchill said they use plastic containers as bedroom furniture. They share one small closet and one desk.

“We’re newly married as well, so this is like our honeymoon,” Jennifer Churchill said.

The space might be small, but they said it is appreciated because they get to live together while deployed.

“It’s part of growing together. It’s an experience we’ll have together,” Glen Churchill said.

Donna and Larry Davis have been married six years. They have been deployed together before but were assigned to different bases, which reminded them of when they were dating.

“You’re back to the old girlfriend/boyfriend thing,” Larry Davis said. “We don’t have to do that here, and it’s awesome.”

“It’s like, let’s take a date to the dining facility,” Donna Davis said.

Larry and Donna Davis Couples live together in combat zone

The couples say being together makes a huge difference in the combat zone.

“It does feel good to go inside, close the door and get a hug from him if I’m feeling stressed out,” Donna Davis said.

“I wish it was Brazil,” Jennifer Churchill jokes, "but I guess I’ll settle for Afghanistan.”

The Churchills said they are planning a trip to Brazil when they return from their deployment.

Every couple with the 82nd CAB has not had the opportunity to room together, mainly because of limited space.

The decision is usually left to the discretion of the brigade's commander.

In these two cases, Col. T.J. Jamison signed off on couples’ housing.


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