Bull City gets new, free bus line

Posted August 16, 2010

Officials unveiled the new Bull City Connector Monday morning.

The bus service is free and connects key destinations like Duke, downtown, Ninth Street, and Golden Belt.

Duke also helped fund the service. The connector runs every day but Sunday from 7 a.m. to midnight.


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  • ncmickey Aug 18, 2010

    It goes less than 2 blocks from the ballpark.

    Thanks Durham! This is mass transit that makes sense!

  • CalvinCat Aug 17, 2010

    thefensk, that suggestion makes too much sense - that's why they won't do it.

  • thefensk Aug 17, 2010

    be better if they looped it past the ballpark on days there is a game.

  • sniperdiver Aug 17, 2010

    I wonder how long this wonderful service will last before it is taken advantage of. Someone will use this service as a catilist to their criminal entrepreneurship. The bull cities crime ridden, gang infested community will pull down any good intent that anyone attempts. Then when these thugs are on trial, they will cry that there wern't enough programs and benifits "handouts" for them to be successful.

  • 68_polara Aug 16, 2010

    Good to know we have the highest tax rate than the surrounding municipalities, worst crime rate, most under funded police force, and the highest debt but at least we can get a free ride!

    BTW thanks DUKE! You do a lot for this community that seems to never be appreciated.

  • CalvinCat Aug 16, 2010

    Not exactly free - is paid for by the taxpayers.