Troopers, civilian earn honors from Highway Patrol

Posted May 19, 2010

— Three members of the state Highway Patrol and a civilian were honored in Fayetteville Wednesday.

Trooper Richard A. Capps Jr. was recognized for saving the life of a citizen who choked while dining in a Whiteville restaurant. Capps was given the state Crime Control and Public Safety Commendation Award, the Secretary’s Gold Circle Award and the State Highway Patrol Samaritan Award.

Sgt. Tracy D. Wheeler received the Highway Patrol Meritorious Award for his role in a multi-agency port check operation conducted in Wilmington.

Trooper Ronnie L. Walker received the Highway Patrol Samaritan Award. Walker provided assistance to a disoriented motorist who had been reported missing several days earlier from the Charlotte area. He found her driving slow on U.S. Highway 74 in Columbus County.

Charles W. Long, of Columbus County, was named a Citizen Life Saver for saving a woman and her 4-year-old child from a fiery crash on N.C. Highway 20 near Tar Heel in 2009.


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  • leo-nc May 21, 2010

    I find it interesting the lack or Journey985, Gandalla and all the other LEO haters on this article, which has a total of what, 10 comments now? LOL - Go figure.

  • k9cop92 May 20, 2010

    I'm not usually one to post comments online, but I could'nt help myself here.Thank you WRAL for covering this.We don't see enough positive reinforcement in our media.As for me, I am a officer by profession.There is nothing more detrimental to me than seeing what I do for a living being criticized.I expect to hear comments like the one from superman because I wear a uniform and there are those out there that disgrace the very badge they wear.I have seen corruption in every aspect of my life, not just law enforcement.It is all around us.But I can say that as an officer, I have worked with some of the most professional people that I could have ever had the pleasure to know.These included Troopers, Deputies, Police Officers, SBI, DEA, and ALE Agents.And I have also seen some of these great people give their lives for us to be able to post our opinions here.The original comment posted by superman is a classic story of the bad apple ruining the reputation of all the other good ones!

  • superman May 20, 2010

    Do you remember the trooper that was having sex while he was on duty on the hood of his cruiser. They didnt fire him? Wonder why? The SHP only works traffic and about 12 of them are assigned to the governor. I am retired and I have never had a traffic ticket, an accident or had my license checked--so please be assured that my comments are not sour grapes. About a year ago there was an incident about every month of a troopers misconduct. And yea, if they do wrong-- hang them out to dry. I bought and paid for my computer, it was not a gift from the SHP.

  • didisaythat May 20, 2010

    Superman I also politely disagree. We only see the bad and they are far outnumbered by the good that LEO's do and have proven the point that they do not cover the good in the news. You would not be superman or not have a computer to post on if it were not for LEO's.

  • wakeconative4ever May 20, 2010

    I politely disagree, superman, that there are more bad ones than good ones. However, I will say that some do get covered for, while others are hung out to dry. You can thank political connections for that. I just wish we heard more from other areas of state government where there are just as many people "doing wrong".

  • superman May 20, 2010

    We look at the misconduct cause there are far more cases to look at that any good that one or two might do. The bad ones far outnumber the good ones. Especially when the supervisors cover up and dont discipline them. They are as bad as the catholic church-- if they find wrongdoing they dont do anything.

  • wakeconative4ever May 20, 2010

    Amazing how more people are concered with trooper misconduct than awarding those who performed honorable actions. If this were a negative article about a trooper, there would be over 100 ocmments by now.

  • ghimmy51 May 19, 2010

    Completely agree. Listen up WRAL: We know "news" THRIVES on controversy and you've worked long and hard on getting your "Concerned face" perfected, but parents, teens, kids and adults NEED a "Good News" section. We're tired of the doom and gloom. If it can't possibly personally affect us it can stay on the back page. We have enough to worry about. Lay off us.

  • Eastern N.C. Native May 19, 2010

    Very well said "momtobe". I completely agree with you.

  • UNCfuturealumi May 19, 2010

    These are the stories I wish we would read more often. Seems the media thrives on the negatives. Why can't we make this our front page headlines. This is what our children need to see and read and these people in uniform needs to read this as well.