Wake Co. to recycle phone books year round

Posted December 29, 2008

Wake County will no longer host seasonal recycling events for telephone books, but will instead accept telephone books anytime at recycling convenience centers.

Residents are reminded that phone books should be recycled only via drop off and not placed in recycling bins for weekly pickup. The paper used in phone books can not be recycled along with paper and cardboard, and phone books in bins contaminate that waste stream.

To limit the number of phone books delivered to your house, the county advises residents to contact the phone book providers.


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  • OrdinaryCitizen Jan 5, 2009

    There is this thing called the internet and I don't need a phone book. If the internet is not working then I dial 411 on my phone or call an operator.

    Quit putting these phone books on my front door! Why did I get 3 of them as well?

    Agree, phone companies should be charged with littering!

  • youasked Jan 1, 2009

    The phone conpanies should be charged with littering.They just have the phonebooks thrown out beside the mailboxes.Most people don't use phonebooks any more.We get the info from the web.These phonebooks lay beside the road sometimes for months.Looks terrible.

  • gkappel Dec 29, 2008

    WRAL would do a service by posting the phone numbers needed to call and cancel delivery of the books.

  • Reader X Dec 29, 2008

    I wish I didn't receive 5-6 different ones every year. I only need one. Every service provider seems to send their version.

  • Oberlin Dec 29, 2008

    I'd rather not receive them in the first place!