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Wake schools lawyer questions accreditation review

Posted September 22, 2010

Wake County Public School System

— The Wake County Board of Education questioned the motives behind of a district-wide review by AdvancED, a national organization that accredits high schools.

AdvancED asked the school board to identify a time when the organization could send a special review team to review recent changes in the school system.

In a response to that request sent Sept. 8, Ann Majestic, legal counsel for Wake schools, asked for clarification of questions AdvancED has and what a review would entail. The school board “has serious concerns about the basis, purpose and scope” of the visit, she wrote.

Specifically, she asked Mark Elgart, AdvancED CEO, how the board’s move to adopt a student assignment policy based on community schools is connected to accreditation.

AdvancED asked for details about the district’s controversial proposal to move away from a decade-old policy of busing students for the purposes of diversity. Majestic wrote, “These requests appear to be aimed squarely at the Board’s substantive conclusion that community schools are in the best interests of Wake County students and families. This is surprising, given that AdvancED accredits individuals high schools within the WCPSS, not the district as a whole.”

If any of Wake County's 24 high schools were to lose their accreditation, it could reflect poorly on graduates who apply for higher education.

Officials at several local colleges and universities say there are a number of determining factors in student acceptance – ranging from student grades and test scores to campus and community involvement – but that accreditation is still an important factor for several reasons.


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  • MSN93 Sep 23, 2010

    "The defensive postures prove a lack of supportive data for the direction of the new board majority."

    What's your point here? There is certainly a decided lack of supportive data for the direction of the OLD school board!

  • MSN93 Sep 23, 2010

    So, are they going to strip the accreditation of every community-based school system in the enire country? Isn't that like 90% of them?

  • djofraleigh Sep 23, 2010

    The way to have diversity in schools is to have diversity in communities. Strike down the current zoning laws. Make Prestonwood etc. have section 8 housing and apartments mixed in with the big rich houses.

    We adults should live together just like we ask our children to go to school together. Schools should be community schools, should be smaller not larger, and Wake County should NOT have 17,000,000 miles of busses running using over a million gallons of fuel.

    This current fight is along party lines, but why doesn't either party support true diversity in our communities via zoning?

  • djofraleigh Sep 23, 2010

    Wake schools student bodies, under the former diversity/ assigned school policy had a range of:

    Black – 5% to 72%

    White – 6% to 80%

    Hispanic – 4% to 46%

    That was last year. That was THE GREAT plan that drew NO protest from the NAACP et al. I wasn't for the change, but I'm for some truth too. I'm against hypocrisy too.

    Look at the City vs County school system in Orange County.

    Look at the 'diversity' in Durham county schools.

    I'd say yes, some politics are at play in Wake County.

  • barbara28 Sep 23, 2010

    The School system ask for this. to many cooks in the kitchen let only the US Federal Government handle all the school stuff and teachers pay and get rid of the over payed board members. and teach all students equal across the USA then you will have equality for everyone not only for the rich. and start treading everyone the same and take religion out of the school let everyone be equal. not like Cary schools were all the rich folks live and north Raleigh, south east Raleigh and all other schools in the USA should have the same opportunity. nothing against the NAACP but our kids should be raised and treated like humans not like color or numbers. we are only one race and that is the human race. love and peace.

  • blackdog Sep 23, 2010

    Accreditation is not important or relevant in any way, to those supporters of the new board majority. And it's obvious, any education beyond a high school diploma is undesirable. It is obvious reading comments that are illegible and incoherent. The defensive postures prove a lack of supportive data for the direction of the new board majority.

  • PickAnotherID Sep 23, 2010

    And the timing of this over broad "review" by AdvancED with the NAACP's complaint against the School Board is just a coincidence??

    Yeah, right. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

  • soyousay Sep 23, 2010

    the..and those reasons are.................????

    ...they can, and it really doesn't matter what the golows think. Acreeditation is certainly not important for the community college crowd or for those who will never ever do much else...but if you actually want to recieve a top tier education, you must graduate from an acredited institution or your family can certainly endow a chair

  • nggeoteach Sep 23, 2010

    Individual high school's accreditation is important ---- work in NC education for 35+ years, send your own children through WCPSS who graduate with honors from accredited schools, and you will know exactly why this is so.

  • UNC81 Sep 23, 2010

    "Wake County Board of Education questioned the motives behind of a district-wide review by AdvancED."

    You think? This was so obviously politically motivated it's not even funny. AdvancED should be viewed as a joke forever in the education community if they move forward with this.