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Wake County schools release final student assignments

Posted April 26, 2012
Updated April 27, 2012

Wake County Public School System

— The Wake County Public School System released school assignments for a second and final round of children Thursday, finishing off the student assignment process for thousands of families.

Results were available for parents who submitted an application in Choice Selection Round Two on April 14, those who were on a waiting list for their first choice and those who were still waiting for an assignment.

For many families, the news was good. For others, it was disappointing.

"It has been a real nightmare for us in terms of getting what we want," said parent Josh Lippy, whose 7-year-old was not assigned to the year-round school near their home, but instead will be attending a year-round school about 5 miles away.

Karen Meier recently moved her family to the Triangle from Michigan. They bought a home in Apex because it was near a good school, she said.

"We decided to locate here specifically for that reason," she said. 

But, on Thursday, she learned that her child was not assigned to the school she wanted.

She told school board members at their Tuesday meeting that she regretted moving to the area.

"Had we been fully aware of the new choice school assignment program, I don't think we would have moved to Wake County," Meier said.

Despite a number of outspoken parents dissatisfied with the new student assignment plan, which they said was more of a lottery than a choice-based model, the school system said the majority of Wake County families got into the schools they wanted. Wake County student assignment Final round of student assignment gets mixed reviews

The information was released on the school system's website Thursday evening, after numerous technical issues required the site to be taken down for several hours.

Parents who have not yet logged in can still do so by using the same username and password they created to make their school choice online. Parents can also call 919-431-7333 for help or if they forgot that information.

The school system does have an appeals process in place for families who are dissatisfied with their assignment.

The assignment plan required parents to list their top preferred schools for their children. Proximity to the school, where siblings attend and other factors determined where the children were ultimately assigned, but those factors were only used in deciding whether a family got its first school choice.

The second, third and fourth choices were more random.

Final assignment notification letters will be sent to all families by May 15.


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  • tgiv Apr 27, 2012

    We moved our business to Wake over a decade ago because it had one of the better large city systems in the country. There's been a ton of turmoil since, but it's always been led by a minority who didn't get the assignment they wanted.

    The new system couldn't possibly provide the choice advertised due to school locations versus housing patterns--without a massive increase in transportation cost and/or excessive construction.

    Now a different group of parents are upset because they didn't get their choice assignment. Regardless of whether arguments are buttressed with the words "neighborhood schools" or "economic diversity", this entire affair has been a shell game played between between politicians appealing to parental anxiety.

    Logistical considerations dictate only most parents will get their choice: the vast majority elected to keep their current assignments. There is no panacea to make everyone happy. At some point, the energy must turn back toward educating the children.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 27, 2012

    "Had we been fully aware of the new choice school assignment program, I don't think we would have moved to Wake County," Meier said."

    She should get to experience the prior system where you had no chance at having any choice. The reality is in order to attempt to undo the damage inflicted by prior foolish racist busing policies some level of changing is required. Another facet of all of this is that REALTORS should be required by law to divulge to people that in Wake county the fact that the school might be nearby does not mean your child will attend that school. To alleviate some on the nonsense we need to be back on a single calendar in the county, either all traditional or all year round. This mixing of calendars just makes it more difficult to assign students. Parents if you want real choice and control then go private. It is a much much better choice for your child. Push for vouchers, the money allocated by the State should follow the student.

  • angelienna Apr 27, 2012

    oh and RockitMan... thanks for your presumptions, but I spent my entire schooling as part of the Wake County Public School system so I earned my right to complain if I want to. I am guessing you can't say the same so maybe YOU should quiet your voice.

  • angelienna Apr 27, 2012

    Actually what most people have issue with is that we did our homework were happy with what the school system told us and didn't do anything for choice 1 because we were told not to. then the school system CHANGED it therefore forcing us to miss an entire enrollment period and try to get our kids to where they need to be. Lots of families got screwed all the way around and the kids pay the price. And its not the parents fault, it is because wake county went back and CHANGED what they told parents to do.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Apr 27, 2012

    Well said, sunshine1040.

  • BigfootBeliever Apr 27, 2012

    Absolutely sick to death of years and years of this Wake County School drama! Would somebody please put this thing to bed?

  • whatswrongwiththisplace Apr 27, 2012

    "It has been known for years that where you live does not determine where your child goes to school."

    - In the North that is the way they do things. And as a result they have smaller districts and a much better education system. To say that where you live does not determine where you go to school is precisely what is wrong with WCPSS. This is America...not a utopian society. People who want their children to go to better schools purchase homes in better areas. Most solid families look at things like this when purchasing a home. The WCPSS model makes no sense. Too much has been made of the fact that people think we are headed back to segregation. I didn't realize that "being poor or socio economic status" was a race these days. Children should go to school in their neighborhoods. This fosters a community. Schools should be the center of the community. I feel for you Michigan parent.

  • sunshine1040 Apr 27, 2012

    Folks the solution to the problem is enroll the child in the school closest to your home. You do not likle that one then you enroll your child in private school or yu home school. No race or income questions asked just your address is the only one needed for the public school choice.then you need contact info and child ss number and proof of resicency requirements. rememer the IRS also gets this info so whould be easy to check

  • luv2playsoccer Apr 27, 2012

    It has been known for years that where you live does not determine where your child goes to school. The parent from Apex who "decided to locate here for specifically that reason" obviously didn't do her research and the fault is totally her own, not WCPSS.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Apr 27, 2012

    I know that every public school system is so overloaded with so many ridiculous rules and regulations and requirements it's mind boggling. You have to really love children to want to be in education right now. The stupid "needs of the few, outweigh the needs of the many" rule has crippled a lot of good solid institutions. Public schools suffered as a result of people not being held accountable, in government as well as the home.