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Voter turnout surpasses last month's election

Posted November 8, 2011
Updated November 9, 2011

— Voter turnout in Wake County for the municipal elections and school board runoff Tuesday surpassed turnout in last month's elections, according to the Wake County Board of Elections.

Of the 185,540 registered voters, 39,562, or 21.32 percent, cast ballots for races in 11 towns and cities.

Wake County's undecided and heated District 3 school board race – the only race in Raleigh – between incumbent Kevin Hill and Republican challenger Heather Losurdo helped drive voters to the polls.

By late Tuesday afternoon, voter turnout was about 15 percent, and elections officials said they expected to see an increase in the final hours of Election Day.

Final numbers, however, weren't available Tuesday evening.

Turnout was slightly higher than last month's election, when 21.16 percent of the 449,478 registered voters went to the polls.

Early and absentee voting was also high. The number received Tuesday was 2,333, more than double the number cast for the November 2009 election, which also included a school board runoff.


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  • grimreaper Nov 9, 2011

    Yeah, no surprises here...elections in October should be illegal...nobody associates elections with October...half the people I work with did not know they had an election last month...

  • Raleighlocal Nov 9, 2011

    "Hope Hill wins. Can't stand another two years of whining Democrats."

    Uh flashsparks---you know Hill is one of those "whining" Democrats, right? And that he just defeated his Republican challenger? This is why partisan-baiting makes no sense.

  • ger Nov 9, 2011

    America is back!!!!!!!!! Obama 2012 babyyyyyy

  • hpr641 Nov 9, 2011

    Congrats to the libs. on the School Board race - y'all ran a hard campaign, a little too personal on the attacks in my opinion, but you got it done nonetheless and deserve congratulations. "Your" guys now have the majority again (well, starting next month I believe) - I suggest we all hope and pray they use that power wisely for the benefit of everyone.


    Wake BOE shows Hill ahead by 900+ votes with all precincts in.

    Thank Jesus.

  • flashsparks Nov 8, 2011

    Hope Hill wins. Can't stand another two years of whining Democrats.

  • ger Nov 8, 2011

    "Get ready for all of the whining and negative comments from the Reps. They have a hard time when the majority speaks."


  • BIlzac Nov 8, 2011

    Johnston County schools just last week received their evaluation from AdvancEd. They received "highly functional" marks in all seven evaluated areas, the highest mark possible. The evaluators could not remember another school system that had ever received top marks in all areas.

    I say this to suggest that perhaps if the Wake County emphasis was less on forcing diversity in classrooms, and more on making every school and every classroom a place that encourages thinking and motivates students, results would take care of themselves.

    The Hill/Lasurdo election IS in fact a political party issue, at least in part, I believe. Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part, but the performance of the Republican led assembly, which clearly appeals to many of the conservatives who post on this site, has not played well to the moderates and more liberals in the state.

    I think the Republicans are likely to find that appealing to the fringes of their party is not a plan for success.

  • flashsparks Nov 8, 2011

    I pray to God Hill wins. Wake county schools can't stand to go through another two years of whining Democrats crying because they didn't get their way. --- not to mention the lawsuits.

  • wakemom Nov 8, 2011

    52 vs 48 oh wow!