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NCSU basketball walk-on charged with DWI

Posted January 10, 2013
Updated September 7, 2016

— North Carolina State University sophomore guard Staats Battle was arrested in the early morning hours Jan. 1 and charged with driving while impaired, Raleigh police said Thursday.

Battle, 19, faces charges of provisional DWI, DWI and a lane violation.

He hasn't dressed for the Wolfpack's last two games, wins over Boston College and Georgia Tech, and N.C. State head coach Mark Gottfried said any additional issues would result in his dismissal from the team.

"We are aware of this unfortunate incident and have talked to Staats and his parents about it," Gottfried said.

A graduate of Broughton High School and a walk-on for the Wolfpack, Battle has played in seven games in 2012-13 and scored 5 points. He saw action in six games as a freshman and scored 6 points.

As a senior for the Capitals in 2010-11, Battle averaged 13.7 points per game and was an All-Cap 8 performer. Battle also played tennis at Broughton, helping the Caps finish second in the NCHSAA playoffs.


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  • 1 Wolfpackmom Jan 11, 2013

    I never said that is was ok what he did...I don't think this is a news worthy.

  • wolfie7873 Jan 11, 2013

    It's repulsive to me how many of you dismiss such dangerous and reckless behavior as "normal 19 year old male" behavior. Just because you failed as a parent to train your child not to act this way doesn't mean we should come to expect it and easily forgive it.

  • tayled Jan 11, 2013

    The fact that he was such a star in HS and walked on and made the team at NCSU is testament as to what he can do. Now, if he does need help, he can and should seek it. I am sure the team can help him too. I wish him well.

  • amdriver12 Jan 11, 2013

    No one should ever, EVER be drinking and driving but that doesn't make him an alcoholic. If everyone who drunk underage in college came out a raging alcoholic, then the world would be overflowing with them. I'm not excusing his actions, he made a really stupid decision only made more prominent by his position (even if not a starter)on State's basketball team. Hopefully he's learned from it(read: never do it again) and everyone can move on.

  • Toddler10-21 Jan 11, 2013

    He is only doing what all college kids do on new years eve? Wow! Is that saying it's ok? I also disagree that if it were one of the star players it would have bee swept under the rug. By who? RPD, or State? I would say neither.

  • 1 Wolfpackmom Jan 11, 2013

    He was not doing anything that a normal 19 year old would not do on New Year's Eve. He just happen to get caught and he is a walk on for NC State basketball team....move on move on....there is nothing to report here.

  • Lars Marson Jan 10, 2013

    Why is this has been even on the Wolfpack team in the first place?

  • injameswetrust2003 Jan 10, 2013

    This dude looks like he's 10 years old...

  • trueblue0100 Jan 10, 2013

    I'm not a State fan, but this article is a total waste of time and space. Where are the other articles on the other DWIs and please don't say this was the only one. Journalism at it's finest.

  • trueblue0100 Jan 10, 2013

    He needs to get this help now before it get any worse.-charmcclainlovesdogs2

    You don't know a thing about this young man. Who are you to judge?......turbo08

    Things we do know: He's 19, faces charges of provisional DWI, DWI and a lane violation. The previous comment was very much on time. This young man probably does need to seek some help before he develops a serious drinking problem. I wouldn't call it judging, but instead a very astute observation. Every comment is not a judgenment!