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NC Wanted: Cumberland authorities continue to search for clues in boy's shooting death

Posted September 25, 2014
Updated May 2, 2015

— More than a year after a 3-year-old boy died after getting hit by a bullet in a Fayetteville-area home, Cumberland County authorities continue to search for answers in the case.

Someone fired shots on Peele Street on April 25, 2014, and one of them went into a mobile home and struck Ahmed Daniels, authorities said. The boy, who was visiting his grandmother at the time, died the next day.

"My kids ask all the time when he's coming back and all that," said his mother, Shameka Daniels. "They were in my sister's room. He was laying on a mattress on the floor and they shot him."

the bullet his Ahmed's heart. He died the following day.

"They know where he at. Up in the sky with God. He is looking down at them," Daniels said.

A week before the shooting, deputies raided the mobile home park where it occurred and confiscated drugs and firearms.

Peele Street has since been blocked off, and many of the mobile homes have been moved out, including the one where Amhed's grandmother lived.

Glenn Tedder, who manages the mobile home park, said he's cleaning up the area to make it safer for those who still live here.

"We're putting up commercial fence," Tedder said. "As far as the night the stuff took place, it was a whole different atmosphere back then."

Meanwhile, Daniels and her family pray for closure.

"I just want to know the cause, and I just want to know why," she said."I just need some closure for us. For my kids."

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the NC Wanted hotline at 1-866-439-2683.

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  • babylaceycarpenter Sep 26, 2014

    The why part is easy. It's due to drug deals gone bad, resulting in a firefight between rivals. As long as there are illegal drugs that people, want without a doctor prescribing it, there will be events exactly like this one. Before all of you guys start claiming that I support making drugs legal, that is not what I stated. I do not support making cocaine, heroine, PCP and the such, legal. Marijuana yes. Any others, no. It doesn't change the fact that as long something is illegal, meaning you can't just go to Walgreens and get it, those things will be sold by drug dealers. As long as there are dealers, there will be bad deals. Some of those bad deals, will result in attempted murder or even murder itself. When gangs or dealers fight, innocent people are hurt or killed.

    There's your why Ms. Daniels. I pray for your family. I wish someone could bring your son back to you.