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NC sheriff gets close look at US border crisis

Posted July 22, 2014

— Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page recently traveled to south Texas to help put a local public safety face on the immigration crisis being debated from Washington, D.C., to San Diego.

Page visited McAllen, Texas, and surveyed the Rio Grande by both boat and helicopter to get firsthand understanding of how drugs and guns are imported from Mexico to his county.

"In less than three years, we've arrested 15 drug cartel associates from the Mexican drug cartels in this county," Page said Tuesday in his Wentworth office.

A member of the National Sheriff's Association border security committee, he said law enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border is so overwhelmed and distracted by the influx of unaccompanied children that they can't keep track of all the cartels crossing into the U.S.

"The problem is, if you have a well-defined line here and you're maintaining that, people are going to try to do an end-around," he said.

Page blames current and past political policy for allowing the border crisis to worsen, and he said the U.S. needs to send a stronger message to those looking to cross the border illegally. He is enlisting other sheriffs to help push for consensus on improved border processing and security.

"The resources are going to have to be applied and the strategies applied, and the laws are going to have to be changed to work with us in an enforcement effort," he said.

"You've got to have the enforcement," he continued. "If we can secure our southern border with Mexico, we can better protect America. Likewise, we can better protect my county."


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  • Ronnie Merritt Jul 23, 2014
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    Do you all know that our law enforcement can't even enforce our traffic laws when it comes to them. Example, cop pulls woman over for driving with expired plates and no driver license... Gives her a ticket. She then hires a lawyer who sues the police department for racial profiling, wins and has all charges dismissed!!!! Certain parts of NC, you can tell who is getting away with it. You can see all the out of date tags driving down the road. This is getting out of hand. An illegal has no rights here. Pull them over, pack them up and ship them back NOW!

  • katgotyertongue Jul 23, 2014

    If I remember correctly there was a small scandal abouthow the US was smuggling arms across the border to "test" to see how easy it was...Mexico blamed us for these weapons getting into Cartel hands...again pre 2008 so it had to be Obama's fault.

  • nonPC Jul 23, 2014

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    If we actually enforced the border and deported them quickly back the message would get sent across that america is not open...and the trip is to long and dangerous.

  • Huey Jul 23, 2014

    Think of the USA as the Titanic and the problem with the southern border as a big gash in our side with water pouring in.

  • hardycitrus Jul 23, 2014

    We can only enforce according to how much funding Congress provides. If you want more, demand the funding.

  • ospreysilver Jul 23, 2014

    What does he mean by convey a stronger message? How do you deter the hungry and dirt poor? Yes please, write a stronger US Immigration policy, I'm sure the illegals will firmly obey this policy if they could read it, weren't dirt poor, being killed in the thousands each year, etc.

  • Jump1 Jul 23, 2014

    Funny we do not have this problem on the Northern border area, we did have it in Fl but we just gave up there, now look a the place.

  • Richard Eskridge Jul 23, 2014
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    Obama... he can request Congress to grant him the authorityYou really think Congress is going grant Obama anything? Half of em want to impeach the guy and another bunch want to sue him. I'd rather get rid of all of 'em as they don't seem to be able to do anything.

    This Sheriff has the right idea. Illegal immigrants are a growing problem for NC. Don't believe me? Been to Siler City lately? Anything law enforcement can do to curtail the tide of illegal drugs, weapons and people is a great use of taxpayer funds.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 23, 2014

    Go home it's non of you business sheriff. The federal government has a handle on the problem.


  • icdmbpppl Jul 23, 2014

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    I disagree with your assertion that the border crisis doesn't affect this state. In a letter to the editor in the Herald Sun yesterday, the writer said children had already been located in Durham. Why aren't the taxpayers being informed when the feds dump illegals in our cities? Maybe you or Super Hans can answer that question if you can get your heads out of the sand.