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NC lawmakers react to Trump's new healthcare bill

Posted March 7

— President Donald Trump and his administration's top health official praised the new House Republican health care legislation Tuesday as the GOP embarked on a drive to sell the proposal to rank-and-file lawmakers and the public.

Trump's morning tweet lauding "our wonderful new Healthcare Bill" kicked off the day. Shortly afterward, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price wrote to the chairmen of the two House committees that wrote the measure, saying "they align with the president's goal of rescuing Americans from the failures of the Affordable Care Act."

The new bill aims to replace that law — one of former President Barack Obama's signature achievements — with a system designed along conservative lines. Primarily affected would be some 20 million people who purchase their own private health plans directly from an insurer and the more than 70 million covered by Medicaid, the federal-state program for low-income and disabled people.

More than 500,000 North Carolinians get their insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Popular consumer protections in the Obama law would be retained, such as insurance safeguards for people with pre-existing medical problems and parents' ability to keep young adult children on their insurance until age 26.

Policy analysts across the country have been closely examining the legislation over the last 24 hours.

"The new proposal would repeal the Affordable Care Act's premium tax credits, which are based on the cost of plans as well as people's income," said Brendan Riley with the left-leaning North Carolina Justice Center. "The newest proposal would replace those tax credits with a flat tax credit slightly adjusted for age."

Under the proposed legislation, there would be no individual mandate requiring people to have insurance coverage or pay a tax penalty.

"In North Carolina, Obamacare premiums increased an average of 40 percent in 2017. Clearly, the system is broken and must be replaced. This bill is a first step in the right direction," said Republican 2nd District Congressman George Holding.

Democratic 4th District Congressman David Price said, "(It) would lead to care rationing for the most vulnerable populations in order to provide huge tax breaks to health care industry insiders and the wealthiest Americans."

House committees plan to begin voting on the legislation Wednesday.


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  • Pete Knowles Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    If you believe the part about not being fined for not signing up, you might want to read the fine print. The government won't fine you, but a private contractor will. This new plan is only for the well to do. The government is using healthcare to punish the poor, instead of helping them. Everyone prepare to pay more, than the ACA (unless you're rich ), and with less coverage. I'm sure all the rural areas, the ones that voted for Trump and were covered by the ACA, are starting to have some regrets......

  • Clarence Drumgoole Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    What's wrong with fixing Obamacare? It's helping a lot of folk. Oh, a black man sponsored it.

  • Nicole Renshaw Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    I am glad there is a new health care in place. Obama care was horrible, if you did not have health insurance you paid a tax penalty. that alone went against our constitutional rights. It should be every American Citzens choice if they want health care, plus every year the plan premiums went up. Obamacare was a mess and a down right horrible. This needs to be repealed

  • John Jones Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    Theo- You talking about the interracial man who shunned white Christians and LEO's during his presidency. The one who's married to a racist who ran around giving commencement speeches on white privilege?

    Is that the one? The same one who made insurance un affordable for middle class self employed folks? What does the color of his skin have to do with his failures? Guess it's easy to throw around the race card to get people to feel sympathetic for you.

  • John Jones Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    Tom Harris- I don't get my insurance thru the ACA , but I have several family members and friends who are self employed and they ALL got shafted by increases between 50-100% in monthly premiums.

  • Theo Bishop Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    All of the people needs to really look at this new healthcare law is is going to put a lot of people with no insurance and hurt the older ones. Just wait and see. (Now if the (ACA ) was not put in place by a black man we would not be going through a repeal and replace and a lot of you know it is the truth. So be real with your selfs and think about it.

  • Tom Harris Mar 8, 2017
    user avatar

    John Jones - I'm curious if you got your health insurance through the ACA???

  • Martin Coulter Mar 7, 2017
    user avatar

    What a farce. Just cut out the waste (insurance companies, lobbyists, millions spent on advertising) and we could save billions.

  • John Jones Mar 7, 2017
    user avatar

    Anything has ot be better than obamacare. It killed the working middle class. Anyone who will dispute that needs to be admitted to the crazy house.

  • Clarence Drumgoole Mar 7, 2017
    user avatar

    Repeal Replace not Plagiarize.