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NC inmate wanted for sexual assault in New Hampshire

Posted March 4, 2011

— New Hampshire police said Thursday that the suspect in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl has been found in a North Carolina prison.

Manchester, N.H., police said that Robert Burelle, 29, is accused of assaulting the girl in April and July of last year. He had been wanted on three counts of felonious sexual assault.

Burelle was located in the Harnett Correctional Institute in Lillington, serving seven months for a probation violation, according to North Carolina Department of Correction records.

Last June, he was sentenced to probation for five vehicle break-ins that happened in New Hanover County in May 2010, DOC records show. His probation was revoked in January, sending him to prison.

Manchester police said they have begun the process to extradite Burelle to New Hampshire.


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  • carroln Mar 10, 2011

    shouldnt have a trial! Needs to be left in prison where bubba can show him what fondaling really is! Let it out and the inmates will take care of that problem for us. Even the worst criminal has some morals!!!

  • NotAgain Mar 4, 2011

    This looks like a white dude, can we deport him to Mexico too? Since he broke the law he must be an illegal.

  • Surrey Hills Mar 4, 2011

    thinkin out loud...I hear you and agree with you...my comment was really directed towards wildcat, who might feel differently if the suspect was really innocent and was a member of their (wildcat's) family.

  • thinkin out loud Mar 4, 2011

    Innocent till proven guilty is only a legal term meaning you don't have to prove your innocence in court, the government (society) must prove your guilt. The accused need do nothing more than show up at trial (even that can be forgone in some cases.

    In reality you are guilty until proven innocent. If we were truly innocent till proven guilty we would not be putting photos and names of the accused on the news until they were found guilty. And, just because one if found not guilty does not mean one did not commit the crime.

  • Surrey Hills Mar 4, 2011

    Why are you throwing the book at him now? He is a suspect, not convicted by a judge/jury. Some 14 year olds look like street walkers these days. In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty!

  • wildcat Mar 4, 2011

    that the suspect in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl has been found in a North Carolina prison.

    Do not allow this man any freedom. Keep him locked up until his trial and then send him to prison for 50 years. Men you need to start thinking about the consequences. Keep your hands to yourself!!!

  • NoObamaCare Mar 4, 2011

    Good! Get his child predator behind outta NC and ship him to NH!