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NC highway campaigns lead to 16,000 DWI arrests

Posted January 14, 2011

— Highway safety campaigns in North Carolina last year led to more than 16,000 arrests on driving while impaired charges.

Statistics released Friday show the safety campaigns led to 622,413 traffic and criminal citations, with speeding the top violation. The most DWI charges came during a statewide "Booze It & Lose It" effort during the end-of-year holiday season. Nearly 4,000 people were arrested then.

"These lifesaving campaigns educate our citizens on several key highway safety issues and prove effective in enforcing our traffic laws," State Transportation Secretary Gene Conti said in a statement.

The efforts include campaigns focused on drivers under the influence, and those who violate laws on seat belts, child safety, speeding and work-zone safety.


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  • Mugu Jan 18, 2011

    MADD is SADD, those people should have never been given the time of day.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Jan 18, 2011

    I agree with you Journey985. They need to lay off those kinds of questions. If they need to talk to you to get an idea of whether or not you're impaired, that's fine. But they certainly don't need to ask you things like that.

  • ProudBlackSingleMother Jan 14, 2011

    I second changing MADD's name to MAID.

    Those do-gooders can stick it.

  • ccacrabbitdog Jan 14, 2011

    no chivegas...u got it all wrong...now as an officer i see alot more DDs' on the road than in the past and that is because enforcement is up....most people are sober when they make their plans to go drinking so they get DDS'....if they know leo's are not going to be looking for drunks, they won't get DDs'......and to journey985 i'm sorry u were asked all those questions i don't do it when i'm on a check point....

  • u stand corrected Jan 14, 2011

    They should outlaw alcoholic beverages in North Carolina.Or is that a Violation of your Constitutional Rights too? Stop the highway murders.
    Well then THEY would have to drive further to get it and be drunk for sure and on the road!!! And I don't want to drive that far. It would cut down on my booze money because of gas prices.

  • Journey985 Jan 14, 2011

    While I am happy that they have gotten the DWI offenders off the roads, I was stopped at one of the "Booze it and Lose it" stops in Garner, I understand the question of "Have you been drinking" what I do not appreciate are the questions asking "Where have you been, where are you coming from, what have you been doing" I am sorry, but my Father and Grandfather fought in WWII and Korea to protect the rights of the citizens of our country to keep from having to answer these kinds of inergating questions on the street. For the record, NO I was not drunk, I had actually not even been drinking that night, I just do not appreciate being harrassed to that point for a DWI checkpoint!

  • blu-burd Jan 14, 2011

    They should outlaw alcoholic beverages in North Carolina.Or is that a Violation of your Constitutional Rights too? Stop the highway murders.

  • u stand corrected Jan 14, 2011

    Maybe we should "checkpoint" the cops for drugs or alcohol???

  • pyranna Jan 14, 2011

    Did you know 46% of people busted in Durham are of one ethnicity? Odds are they didn't have license, nor insurance. Nupe, it wasn't black. Check it out. Well, 7% of the pop is that. Nupe it ain't profiling.

    Really, these people only ran "choke points" the way I heard. No doubt it will save a life and awesome costs to the county either way. Better than death or hospital pain for others. DMV figure is 38% of traffic deaths are alcohol related.

  • chivegas Jan 14, 2011

    "without enforcement i can bet that 11,000 would triple...."

    No it wouldn't. You're assuming drunks make logical decisions based on law. The problem is that when people get all banged up at a bar, logic and rational thinking go out the window (along with motor skills).