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NC dad, fed up with Facebook, shoots daughter's laptop

Posted February 10, 2012

— An Albemarle man was so upset about a post his daughter put on Facebook that he fired a bullet into her laptop and videotaped himself doing it. By Friday, Tommy Jordan's parental rant was becoming a YouTube sensation.

Jordan identifies himself in the video and details how he found the Facebook post while updating his daughter's computer. He reads her litany of complaints about being asked to help out around the house, then asks, "Are you serious?"

The man grows increasingly angry as he reads his daughter's words, yelling at the camera, "Pay you for chores that you're supposed to do around the house?

"You don't have that hard of a life, but you're about to," he says. "I warned you months ago about what would happen if you did something like this on Facebook again."

He then turns the camera on the laptop and fires nine shots.

Warning: Video contains adult language


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  • jmignatz Feb 15, 2012


  • Testjmpr13 Feb 14, 2012

    Nice shootin' Dad. I do have a question however. Did you by that laptop or is it one the tax payers bought and was given to her by the school?

  • piene2 Feb 13, 2012

    his daughter should be removed from the home. A man like that is capable of almost anything.

  • fayncmike Feb 13, 2012

    An NRA life member for sure. Typical lowlife. He probably will shoot the daughter next. And incidentally he broke the law by discharging a firearm too close to his trailer.

  • gregbscis Feb 13, 2012

    Daddy I need a computer for school. Here you go sweetie, here is your brand new .... Brother-SX-4000-Electronic-Typewriter


  • gregbscis Feb 13, 2012

    "Since he shot her laptop , dont you think he might shot her?!?! Thats why this is stupid he couldve shot her instead of her laptop!?!"

    That is possible but not necessarily the case. Not everyone who owns a firearm is a murderer as the media has brain washed the public to think.

  • keithshelby31 Feb 13, 2012

    I think this is stupid! why would u sit there and shot ur daughters own laptop!?!?! Some kids are only doing it because they dont feel loved maybe if you stop makin her give you coffee and toke her out for supper or something to treat her for all she does she wouldve never done it in the first place!!! ):<
    Kids do it bcuz they feel like yall dont love them like yall used to when they were babies!! WHat if she says it again but she says it to his face?!?! Since he shot her laptop , dont you think he might shot her?!?! Thats why this is stupid he couldve shot her instead of her laptop!?! HUH!?

  • carroln Feb 13, 2012

    GO DADDY!!!!

  • gregbscis Feb 13, 2012

    He overreacted because he felt betrayed. I own a similar weapon, I am also in IT, and I can tell you right now, I would not have wasted a perfectly usable laptop nor waste 9 rounds because my daughter "betrayed" me. He must be an IT Tech because otherwise he would know there are so many things he can do to make his daughter's computer a living hell to use. Nothing worse than dangling a carrot then removing the distraction all together.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Feb 13, 2012

    I would have used a shotgun...but that's just me.