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Motorcyclist Killed in N.C. Highway 210 Wreck

Posted April 10, 2008

— The driver of a motorcycle died after a wreck with a sport-utility vehicle on N.C. Highway 210 outside of Four Oaks shortly after noon Thursday.

State troopers said a Chevy Trailblazer going west on N.C. Highway 210 tried to turn left onto Black Creek Road. An eastbound motorcycle slammed in the side of the SUV.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead upon arrival at WakeMed. The driver of the SUV was transported to Johnston Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities shut down N.C. 210 for a time while they investigated and cleaned up the accident scene.

Troopers said charges are pending.

Officials withheld the names of those involved in the wreck.


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  • PCguy Apr 11, 2008

    Thoughts about riding:

    Riding a bike is the ultimate in personal responsibility. Take it for granted, you're dead.

    Every 'cager' is TRYING to kill you, ride like it! (Cars are protective cages.)

    When you see me weaving in my lane, don't get mad. I'm either warming up my tires (for traction) or I am making myself more visible to traffic who might pull out in front of me.

    One lane is 3 lanes on a bike. Left, middle, and right. I use all three. I switch to see and be seen, or avoid cracks, grease, sand...

    I can stop a whole lot faster than you! Don't tailgate me.

    When you're waiting for me to pass so you can pull out, PLEASE don't start rolling right before I get there!! You start rolling before I pass, I need fresh underwear! I don't look at you, I look at your front tires. When they roll, you're pulling out.

    Yes, during the day, my high beam IS on!

    If we collide, I die, and you need a little paint.

    Be safe out there everyone!!!

  • jockeyshiftspringer Apr 11, 2008

    Just read the rider died. Sorry to hear that. Prayers to the family.

    MrPearce, I have 3 motorcycles and have never had one try to kill me. Care to elaborate how yours did. Experience is a great teacher, and it sounds like you have some to share. Please, do tell.

  • PCguy Apr 11, 2008

    Being a new rider, this is disturbing. Think about it though. How many people have died in cars this week? I'm still riding...

    MRPEARCE: Road rash on 50% of your body says you didn't protect yourself. Too good for protective gear? Jeans last 4 feet sliding on pavement. Did your bike actually try to kill you? How so? Improper maintenance? I check my bike.

    My gear might not be the coolest, but I'm planning for the big slide down the road, should it happen. From head to toe, I'm good for however long the ballistic nylon holds up.

    Since 14MPH over the limit will get you a non-ticket, I think as long as the guy on the trike was under that, the other SUV driver should be charged. His actions KILLED someone. Failure to yield to a bike is a 4 pointer, 90% increase in insurance!

    Vehicular manslaughter anyone?

    What bothers me the most when riding? Seeing cars waiting to pull out, and start rolling before I pass. Scary! When the wheels roll, they're coming.

  • Raptor06 Apr 11, 2008

    MrPearce - I and many other motorcycle riders appreciate your concern. Since I ride, I make a special effort to check the intersection before turning. Last summer, I saw the results of a driver who failed to check before turning...the motorcycle rider was dead at the scene.

  • MrPearce Apr 11, 2008

    Raptor06: I want say I will never make the mistake, but I get the impression many drivers see the motorcycle and don't care. I wait for left turns with on coming motorcycles just as if it was a Mac truck. And I have impatient people behind me become irate. Not that I care... just saying though. I don't know if they can't see the bike, or they don't care.

  • Raptor06 Apr 11, 2008

    As a motorcyclist, a left-turning vehicle at an intersection is our primary threat. It was bad 20 years ago and even worst now, since so many drivers are distracted doing things other than driving. Drivers always have the same excuse/reason: "I didn't see him/her." Motorcyclists, you have to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses for training on this and other safety challenges we constantly face on the road.

  • MrPearce Apr 11, 2008

    One more item: The person should only be charged if they find that the trike was traveling at a legal speed.

    The way that thing is mangled, looks like it was moving like a bullet out of the end of a gun barrel. I once read that the average driver cannot judge the speed of another vehicle that is oncoming when the closing speed between the two exceeds a certain velocity. This is used to convict street racers who hit people pulling out in front of them.

    And no ---that speed is not obvious, nor constant across the population, but road planners try to low ball it when designing speed limits for specific sections of highway.

  • MrPearce Apr 11, 2008

    dlb800: That's ridiculous. If the driver was impaired, sure thing. But otherwise no.

    When you have large metal objects traveling at high velocities, combined with the imperfection that is being human, mistakes will happen, and people will die.

    Yeah, this person should be charged with something, but murder??? I have to question your motives and your sense of logic.

  • MrPearce Apr 11, 2008

    Guys love bikes. I loved my bike --- till it attempted to kill me.

    Once you have road rash on 50% of your body and a few broken bones to go with it, you realize: There is not enough metal between you and whatever you may encounter (whether it be the ground, or another vehicle and then the ground too for added measure).

    And no, I wasn't misbehaving in my accident, nor was I impaired.

    I will be a big car fan till they pump the last drop of gasoline out of the ground :)

  • Xscout577 Apr 11, 2008

    mtr, I REALLY dont think that the flippin' helmet rating would make any difference right about now.. do you? The person, who was, more than likely, out enjoying a good ride on a beautiful day, is dead because of somebody's stupidity, but thank you very much for showing such great compassion & for your great wit!