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Motorcyclist killed in Clayton crash

Posted July 9, 2012

— A Johnston County motorcyclist died Sunday when his bike hit a tree south of Clayton, authorities said Monday.

Curt Steven Johnson, 30, was riding on Blue Pond Road near Government Road at 10:30 a.m. when he lost control of his motorcycle, authorities said. The bike crossed the center line, crossed a driveway and hit a tree.

Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities said excessive speed was a factor in the crash.


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  • boneymaroney13 Jul 9, 2012


  • Jonny 2nuts Jul 9, 2012

    sukitup and Tricky, yall have something to say, we can discuss it. Curt was one of my friends and I would love for you to share your opinions and jokes with me in person.

  • jamielynn2744 Jul 9, 2012

    Sukitup-you seriously have no class. How dare you talk down and belittle someone who isnt here to defend themselves anymore. This family just lost a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. You obviously knew Curt back in the day, which is fine, we all did. People make mistakes, I dont condone them or his behavior 1/2 the time but the GUY lost his life. You arent GOD, you shouldnt judge or talk down upon a family that just lost a huge part of their hearts today. Have some COATH and show a little respect. And how about you keep your opinions to yourself. AGAIN this family just lost a loved one. Death isnt a laughing matter and when you loss someone you love I woudl hope that other peopel around you wouldnt be judging and making rude COMMENTs like you have done today.

  • jayfeore Jul 9, 2012

    Deepest Sympathies for the loss of such a young life. I've heard great things about Curt's Character; albeit not perfect just like the rest of us. Sukitup-- take your hate elsewhere; and think a sec about his loved ones left behind. Your speculative criticism of a man's life taken too early is of the poorest taste. Grow some class and have some respect.. Smh

  • TooShay Jul 9, 2012

    @sukitup - I am not sure what your agenda is, and I did not even want to post and acknowledge your ignorance, but I felt I had to. I did not know the deceased. However, he was a human being, and we all make mistakes. I don't wish to speak about religon, because if you were a person of any FAITH, you would know that only God can judge us. Your judgement instead is cruel and baseless. Our mistakes do not define our character. This young man was a son, a friend, a classmate, and more. And people are grieving. Let the family and friends of him have peace, instead of writing hateful things about the tragic death of someone taken from this world far too soon.

  • iknowmyschnitzel Jul 9, 2012

    minnie...it's called having access to public information.

  • minnie Jul 9, 2012

    sukitup-you obviously are a follower of this mans life to know his past and alleged new offenses. If you felt the need to be so involved in his business, why didn't you try and help him out? I'll quote; "one of the most important things you could give a person is a chance". Just think, you could have been "the one" person that got through. If you can't show any respect for the dead, then show some respect for his family AH!!.

  • Twittyfan Jul 9, 2012

    Thank you WRAL for removing the negative comments... People never know when they will be in this situation.. They may be good today but they can always turn in the future.. I have seen many people turn down the wrong road at different ages when they said they would never go down the wrong road.. Remember God forgives us for our sins you just can't keep repeating them and you have to believe in your heart.

  • Jonny 2nuts Jul 9, 2012

    sukitup, the mods won't let me say what I really want to, so I will rephrase what I wrote. Basically, you obviously think you know Curt and what he was going through, but probably don't have a clue. Regardless of what he did in his past, his family is still mourning his death so show a little respect, if you are capable of doing so.

  • Twittyfan Jul 9, 2012

    My thoughts and prayers are with this family. No matter what lifestyle he lived he is still human. He may have done bad things but he may have had a chance to ask forgiveness before he died because God wants all his children to be with him. I think negative comments should be kept off of this site because nobody is perfect.. You never know if you will have a child, brother, sister even your parents could end up being just like this man so noone needs to judge just say prayers.