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Moped driver injured in wreck with car

Posted December 24, 2009

— Raleigh police are investigating a wreck involving a taxi cab and a moped on Garner Road Wednesday night.

The moped driver was transported to WakeMed Hospital with a broken leg, according to the Raleigh watch commander.

No other information about the wreck was released.

Charges are pending.

Investigators said the moped driver did not have a proper headlight.


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  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Dec 25, 2009

    Riding at night with no working headlight?!? And only a broken leg?!? This guy was very lucky. Most would have died. Car wins that battle everytime.

  • MadderMan Dec 24, 2009

    Hey, at least they spelled 'moped' correctly in this story. The last two stories spelled it Mo-Ped.

    And what difference does it make if you have a license or not driving one of these things? People drive cars on suspended or revoked licenses all the time. I would, however agree that they should have to have licenses if only for the fact that at least they would have 'some' training on the proper operation of a two wheeled motorized vehicle on public roadways. As far as anything else, they can still get tickets for anything from speeding to a DUI just like you can on a bicycle, lawn mower, or even riding a horse.

    The fact remains they are dangerous in the wrong hands just like anything else that can hurt people, just try to watch out for them like you would a regular motorcycle. For those of you who do, anyway.

  • SkepticalGirl Dec 24, 2009

    Laugh and make all the comments you want to about the "dewey-mobiles." The people who lost their license and use mopeds to get around are a whole lot less likely to kill me, you, or anybody else than they would be driving around illegally in a car. And don't think for a minute that everybody driving a car has a license and insurance. All that aside, hope the rider is ok and home for Christmas.

  • Skywatch_NC Dec 24, 2009

    Yet another car involved in an accident....they should be illegal....

    The cabbie was within the law as his/her's lights were all probably in working order.

  • The Fox Dec 24, 2009

    Those DUI Harleys are dangerous.

  • ncmickey Dec 24, 2009

    Yet another car involved in an accident....they should be illegal....

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Dec 24, 2009

    A bicyclist wouldn't have insurance. Someone on a golf cart around a golf course wouldn't have insurance. A pedestrian wouldn't have any insurance. So what's the difference? That's why YOU have insurance.

  • working for deadbeats Dec 24, 2009

    If it was the moped riders fault, they won't have insurance or anything since nothing is required to ride a moped/scooter on the street. Another great law brought to you by your gov't.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Dec 24, 2009

    Where's the update to tell us the guy's name? Whose fault was it?

  • bigheel2k Dec 24, 2009

    The darn things should be illegal. Half of them are only on the road because the person has lost their license due to a DUI. They need to pass a law that makes you have to have a license to drive those things as well.