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Moore deputies investigate glass in biscuit

Posted December 22, 2008

— A piece of glass in a McDonald's breakfast has prompted an aggravated assault investigation by Moore County deputies.

Deputy Jonathan Beck said he purchased two sausage biscuits and a biscuit with gravy from a McDonald's in Carthage on Dec. 12. He ate one sausage biscuit and gave the other to another deputy before heading home, authorities said. Beck gave his wife the biscuit with gravy, and she bit down on a one-inch shard of glass while eating the breakfast, authorities said.

Beck confronted the restaurant manager about the glass and spoke with the franchisee and an insurance representative for McDonald's, authorities said. He placed the piece of glass into evidence at the Moore County Sheriff's Office during the investigation.


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  • Caring Dec 22, 2008

    I hope she is okay! It's a shame that someone would do this. I hope they found the person who planted this in the biscuit.

  • tooter9565 Dec 22, 2008

    This seems to have changed hands many times so who knows what really happened and was this gravy and biscuit with him at all times??? I think that this will be hard to prove unless the camera at Mickey D's shows us otherwise or if something was broken at that particular resturant and some employee confesses etc. I find it to be a questionable case. There must be more to the story.......GREED!

  • oldrebel Dec 22, 2008

    I've heard similar stories on LEO's using the drive through...even probation officers know better than tio take a chance with a disgruntled "client" looking out the drive-thru window and adding something "special & extra" to whatever is ordered. It's a shame, but that's the way those kinds of minds work. Hopefully the Truth will come out and the guilty party will be punished to the utmost. (Another reason to bring back the 'whipping post' out on the courthouse lawn. Why jail or imprison peoople who do this kind of thing? Just tie them to the whipping post and give them some incentive not to be a repeat offender)

  • 68_polara Dec 22, 2008

    Common knowledge: If you're in law enforcement or even if your vehicle looks like a law enforcement vehicle never use the drive through.

  • Groovy Dec 22, 2008

    ....or the employee knew he was a cop when he ordered his meal and has issues. i've heard of fast food joints spitting on food ordered by our men in blue and other disgusting things.

  • iron fist Dec 22, 2008

    Maybe he put the glass in the gravy, did his wife get cut? Looking for the easy $$.