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Mom charged with helping son break into ex-girlfriend's home

Posted September 15, 2010

— A Rocky Mount woman has been charged with helping her 21-year-old son break into and steal items from his ex-girlfriend's home.

Police said that Jerome Allen Jefferson was placed in the Nash County Jail for 48 hours under a domestic violence hold. Then he and his mother, Lori Jefferson Randolph, 46, broke into his ex-girlfriend's house on Herron Street, police said. A PlayStation, laptop, speakers and web camera were stolen.

Jefferson was charged with felony breaking-and-entering and felony larceny. Randolph was charged with second-degree trespassing, aiding and abetting felony breaking-and-entering and aiding and abetting felony larceny.

Jefferson was given an unsecured $8,000 bond, and Randolph an unsecured $5,000 bond.

State Department of Correction records show that Jefferson was convicted of simple assault in 2006.


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  • luvdolphin2 Sep 16, 2010

    some of the comments on this story are just plain ridiculous. Let's be for real people.

    This is obviously a case of where the boyfriend was kicked out of the home and he and his mom came back to get his belongings. Yes he went about it the wrong way but I can understand why he did it.

    A simple police escort would have kept him out of this situation.

  • colliedave Sep 15, 2010

    and is the value of the stuff he tried to get back, worth a criminal record? guess having such a record doesn't matter since he already had a record. I guess there is no longer a sense of shame

  • Tom Morrow Sep 15, 2010

    seriously, I am sure it was his stuff. Ex-girlfriend told him to go away, so he yelled at her, maybe communicated threats, gets locked up for domestic violence, gets out, and goes and gets his stuff. All the while, ex-girlfriend plays all innocent-like. I betcha that is the storyline here

  • Axtel Sep 15, 2010

    And we wonder why some kids can't keep up in school.

  • Vietnam Vet Sep 15, 2010

    Way to go mom!!! Fine example of parenting at its best...

  • GWALLY Sep 15, 2010

    ..."Some of the blame should be on the bio father also.

    ROFLMBHO!!!! are you kidding.....we are not talking about a 2 parent, functioning family unit here...being a baby "daddy" is a badge of honor in these neighborhoods!!!

  • wildcat Sep 15, 2010

    Some of the blame should be on the bio father also.

  • GWALLY Sep 15, 2010

    ...baby "mommas" are a dime a dozen. Parents are priceless...I thank God for mine every single day!!!!

  • Adelinthe Sep 15, 2010

    lumberman - "Neither of these two need to be allowed to reproduce again."

    Maybe that's how he got charged with domestic disturbance in the first place, his "mother" taught him that too maybe.

    God bless.


  • jkca Sep 15, 2010

    Breaking in over a Playstation? I was hoping to read that they were breaking in to recover Mom's fine china and silverware that the ex-gf borrowed from her. Umm...too bad. :)