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Mom Charged After Baby's Skull Fractured

Posted March 19, 2008

— A Clayton woman has been charged with child abuse after investigators say she injured her infant.

Wake County sheriff's investigators charged Erica Lyn Pearson, 22, of 3609 Willow Tree Lane, with felony child abuse inflicting serious injury. Investigators said she fractured the skull of her 4-week-old baby.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office was notified by Wake County Department of Human Services of the case.

Pearson was released to the custody of her family under the condition that she have no contact with the child.


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  • Student Nurse Mar 21, 2008

    To fracture a bone in a baby, you have to exert a great deal of force. There is no way she simply dropped the baby and fractured the skull. I just cannot imagine someone having that kind of rage against a baby. My last child had a fussy hour everynight that was just exhausting...she would scream for an hour straight. Yes, it grated on my nerves. Yes, I would cry a little. But all I wanted to do was help her. And no, I didn't have any help. Not even from my husband. But just the fact that I had people that cared, and oh, what I would have done without the love of my fellow church members! They made me so much food, and I had no end of offers for help.

    I encourage all of you that know new parents to be their friend. If you are a seasoned parent, be their mentor. Check up on the moms. Make them some dinner. Hold the baby so she can take a shower. A little bit of community love may prevent so many tragic situations.

  • mom2threecld Mar 20, 2008

    someone made a statement about children having children...she isn't a child at 22. being a parent can be difficult at times, but you don't cause injury to your child be it physical, mental or emotional. if a person feels that frustrated, they should call someone, even the police for help. I had my first at 19 and never did i want to hurt him. i have 3 and never hurt my kids, lost my patience a few times, but not ever injuring my precious gifts from god

  • asphinctersayswhat Mar 20, 2008

    As a stay at home mother of 4 small children (7, 4 1/2, 3 & 7 months) every day, 24 hours a day, I am faced with the frustrations of raising children who don't always behave in the manner I would prefer.

    I believe that age and maturity have so much to do with how the adult in this situation handles a fussy, upset, cranky, having a major meltdown child. I would never harm one of my children for being just that - a child.

    While I don't want to jump to conclusions about Ms. Pearson, it appears that she is a young woman who may not have developed the life skills needed to handle a stressful situation.

    In most situations I believe every one deserves a second chance, but in this case, that baby doesn't deserve to be a statistic while Ms. Pearson learns to develop her parenting skills.

    I say this as I type holding a sick, fussy and unhappy baby on my chest. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • teacher56 Mar 20, 2008

    As a 23 year veteran teacher I am not surprised by what parents do to their kids! So sad...............Couples need training if they want children.

  • Arcturus Mar 20, 2008

    You people forget that post-partum psychosis is a very real affliction that affects some women when their babies are 3-4 weeks old. If this young lady didn't have a lot of family or support nearby, it's possible she shows all the signs and no one noticed to get her the help she needed. The cocktail of hormones we have a few weeks after giving birth affect most of us to some extent, some worse than others. I'm not making excuses for what she did, but I am trying to point out that she may not be the biggest monster in the world and may have real psychological issues contributing to her actions.

  • gvmntcheese Mar 20, 2008

    What is sad is that we have no clue what happened to this child other than the skull was fractured. How many of you have been investigated after your child was taken to the hospital? I have been reading more and more stories of kids being CPS'd for no reason at all other than someones word against another, no proof what so ever. It takes little of nothing for the state to come and take a child now. Why is that? I guess the more children they CPS the more money they get has nothing at all to do with it does it? Think about it!
    I mean honestly, is all you people see is the fact a childs skull was cracked? Do you not see how the the system is using us all to further their own agendas, using our kids as pawns? Wake Up People!

  • ptahandatum Mar 20, 2008

    Zeus will take care of this baby and this mistake of a mother too.

  • momofthree Mar 20, 2008

    I really hope that her family really does keep her away from the baby. There is no way to be sure that she has no contact with the baby. If it is proven that she really did fracture the baby's skull she, in my opinion, has lost her right to be the child's mother. The baby should be given to a loving family instead.

  • 1crazygirl Mar 20, 2008

    They should take this child from her and give it to a loving family that would love and charish this child forever. Then they should "FIX" the mother where she CANNOT have anymore children. She doesnt deserve to have children. There are too many people in this world that cant have babies and would love them to pieces and then there are pieces of trash like her that abuse their children. Its a crying shame. My prayers will be with that child.

  • lilwil Mar 20, 2008

    It would be beneficial to both men and women to think about the consequences of having children they are not ready to care for and what is involved, before they engage in such acts to get children.

    I hope the child recovers and will not endure permanent damage and perhaps this young mother will get counseling for whatever problems she is facing.