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Missing Erwin twins spotted in Cary

Posted November 4, 2010

— Seven-year-old Erwin twins who went missing during a visit with their father have been spotted in a department store in Cary around noon Tuesday, police said Wednesday.

Erwin Police Chief Warren M. Morrisette said that surveillance video shows Alyssa Ann Allen and Alex James Allen with their father, Alvin Allen, 49, in a Roses Department store on Buck Jones Road in Cary. The children appear to be fine and on a shopping trip.

The twins' mother, Susan Boggs, reported the children missing after Allen never returned them after what was supposed to be a three-hour visit Saturday.

Both children suffer from asthma and are without their medications.

Allen and the children might be traveling in a gold 2000 Chevy Tahoe with N.C. license plate XZC-7746 or ZWS-5529. Their direction of travel and possible destination are unknown. Boggs said that Allen is from New York and still has ties there.

The situation is being treated as a missing persons case, not a kidnapping, because neither parent had full custody, Morrisette said. It did not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert, because Boggs allowed the children to visit with their father.

Police said that she has since obtained an emergency child custody order, which will be served when Allen is found. Morrisette stressed that it's important to get the children returned to their mother.

Anyone with information about the children's whereabouts should call the Harnett County Communications Center at 910-893-9111.


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  • Boostershot Nov 9, 2010

    Both children suffer from asthma and are without their medications, according to Boggs, who said Allen does not know about the children's medical condition or how to treat them.

    My question is: why does the father not know that his children suffer from asthma which could be life threatning? I don't care if it's a 3 hour visit or a 3 day visit, if a medical condition is present then anyone my children had contact with would be aware of said condition.

  • CAROLINA43 Nov 9, 2010

    They are also his children. None of us have the right to tell this grown man how to raise his children. Whatever custody issues exist between he and his ex-spouse is their business and not ours. I am glad they are safe and unharmed.

  • cucamels0711 Nov 4, 2010

    @diabolical - i wouldn't exactly call it a "shopping spree" ..& being 7 years old, i'm sure they don't realize that daddy has failed to let mommy know that they are with him, and safe. i'm not even a parent, but it doesn't take a genius to know that to let the mother know would be appropriate.

  • cucamels0711 Nov 4, 2010

    How about not passing judgement about the father OR mother if you don't know them. Though the mother, nor the father had legal custody of the children at the time that he took them, it would be appropriate for him to contact the mother and let her know that the children are okay. How do you not find it odd that he took leave from his job, disconnected his cell phone service, and took off with the kids?

  • boolittlek Nov 4, 2010

    "I think there is a lack of misunderstanding..."

    Jesus wept.

  • Diabolical Nov 4, 2010

    Wow, he's such a bad guy for taking those kids on a shopping spree. Be lucky that he hasn't harmed the children. Show the surveillance video. Bet, those kids are happy to be with daddy and not in harms way. Most kids choose to be with their father's anyway.

  • Weetie Nov 4, 2010

    I dont know this family, but Im tired of the fathers always looking like the bad guys.

    Me too....some of these "mothers" need to have their children taken from them. I am not saying that about this particular family, because I don't know them...But I do know a lot of families where the father gets the raw end of the deal because he is "not the mother..."

  • sayitoutloud Nov 4, 2010

    Before my husband and his ex went to court for custody, he was told by his attorney that whenever he did get his son he DID NOT have to take him back if he didnt want to. B/c there was nothing in writing that stated who had legal custody.
    So maybe that is the case here. And if so, the dad just screwed himself b/c she went and got that emergency order. He will probably only see his kids under court supervision, and when its convenient for the mother. If its left up to the court system, he will get screwed!

  • sayitoutloud Nov 4, 2010

    my stepson has had asthma since he was an infant, but hasnt had a flare up or even needed medication in about 6 years. So that doesnt necessarily mean these children depend on daily medication. And Im sure the father wouldnt put these children in danger and would get them some kind of medical treatment if they needed it. I dont know this family, but Im tired of the fathers always looking like the bad guys.

  • MomOfTwins Nov 4, 2010

    I agree with JAT- if their asthma was so bad she would never have sent them on a visitation without it, it's probably mild and triggered by intense exercise or some such thing.