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Millions of Searches Done on N.C. Sex Offender Site

Posted July 26, 2007

— Visitors conducted more than 4 million searches on North Carolina's sex-offender site since it was relaunched in late April.

The N.C. Department of Justice recorded 4,078,635 sites done on the site by 10:30 Wednesday, officials said.

More than 8,200 people signed up for alerts to be notified when a registered offender moves near their home, school, day care or any other specific address.

More than 500 also chose to get email alerts about specific registered offenders.

In the Triangle, that breaks down to 812 people receiving alerts in Raleigh and 240 in Durham. Around 230 people in Cary, 128 in Apex and 122 in Clayton also signed up.

State Attorney Roy Coooper launched the redesigned site April 23 as part of a larger campaign against sexual predator that he's been waging.

The revamped site lets people view maps and aerial photographs that show offenders’ home addresses.


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  • Rocknhorse Jul 26, 2007

    Gingerleigh225 - I definitely agree. I think those guilty - particularly crimes against kids - shouldn't see the light of day again. However, they ARE out there and having the registry at least gives me an idea where they may be. Knowing where some of these people are, as I said before, gives me plenty of reason to NOT allow my kids to play outside unsupervised. So it's a tool to be used to help make more wise decisions.

  • peace_of_mind Jul 26, 2007

    What is the web address?

  • LWA Jul 26, 2007

    I've heard enough! You people shouldn't write about the policies adn/or provisions unless you are able to read. First of all, the residency restriction only came into effect on Dec. 06. If the offender moved into the residency before this date, there is nothing to say that he cannot remain there until he moves again. Period. Not all Offenders re-offend. Not all B&E's reoffend. There are a good percentage that do. Don't sit here and tell the rest of the world a bunch of lies about sex offenders. I do tell mothers with children how to raise their kids, becasue I don't have any and do not have a clue how to raise a child. Most of you don't know jack about the offender program, but yet are experts. STOP doing this! You only make youself out to look ignorant. Unless you don't know how, you need to go here and read about what you do not know. http://www.jus.state.nc.us/NCJA/SEXOFFEN.pdf

  • firstgenchevy Jul 26, 2007

    The other problem with this is that some people are on the site and listed very minor crimes and shouldn't be on the list at all. That young man that had concitual sex with his girlfriend and her parents found out and had him arested, he's on the list I believe. Not very fair to him.

  • mrtwinturbo Jul 26, 2007

    Some men use it to find a woman to abuse them!!

  • lastchance Jul 26, 2007

    sorry for being so lets say dumb lol. but what is the website.I go to the one on ncwanted.com but that doesnt show all of them. thanks

  • 3potato4 Jul 26, 2007

    Gotta' stick with my original position. The registry offers false security and no real solution. I maintain that through either the penalty of life in prison or death, that they forfeit their right to remain at large in our society.

  • tmorgan Jul 26, 2007

    This is just a tool to help. Offenders that were convicted before a certain date don't even have to register. Feel all warm and fuzzy now don't you??? What people don't seem to understand is that you need to pay attention to your surroudings at all times in case you are being approached, etc. And noone should EVER let their children play outside unsupervised. It only takes a second for them to be grabbed by some sicko. Sad that this is the world we live in, but it is...

  • Rocknhorse Jul 26, 2007

    "What was hoped to be accomplished with this registry? Just because you know where an offender lives is in no way an insurance policy that they won't re-offend. "

    Of course it won't prevent those listed from doing the same thing again. The registry is a resource for the rest of us, so that we can know who's in the area, what they look like and what there crime. For me, I found out that an offender against children lived across the street. You can be sure that my kids don't play outside unsupervised b/c of it!

  • Dark_Horse Jul 26, 2007

    It might be a little "1984"-ish, but I say put a GPS tracking chip in all of them.