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McCrory becomes NC's 74th governor

Posted January 5, 2013

— Pat McCrory was officially installed as North Carolina's governor on Saturday, getting sworn in during a brief, low-key ceremony that belied momentous changes marked by new Republican dominance within state government.

Chief Justice Sarah Parker administered the oath of office to the former Charlotte mayor shortly after noon Saturday in the House chambers of the old Capitol building. The ceremony lasted about 15 minutes.

"Our goal was not get a title," McCrory said. "Our goal was to lead ... and serve with a purpose, and that is what we will begin doing today. We're going to have tough work ahead of us, but we all love our state and care for the next generation."

McCrory is the first Republican governor in 20 years since Jim Martin, and the party now controls both the executive and legislative branches for the first time since 1870. The GOP also has expanded majorities in the General Assembly after gaining control of both chambers in 2010.

McCrory's wife, Ann, other family members and his incoming Cabinet attended the ceremony, which was held a week before the public inauguration. McCrory said he wanted his administration in place as the Legislature convened next week in Raleigh. He and the other nine elected Council of State members will participate in next Saturday's outdoor event.

McCrory ran for governor in 2008 but lost to Democrat Beverly Perdue. Perdue chose not to run for a second term last year, and McCrory defeated Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton in November by 11 percentage points. The victory marked a rare election night highlight for national Republican leaders who spent millions of dollars supporting his campaign. North Carolina was the only gubernatorial seat that flipped from Democrats to Republicans.

Perdue participated in Saturday's ceremony, completing the ceremonial transfer of the state seal to the incoming governor. Seating was limited for the invitation-only event.

"I want to thank Gov. Perdue, and her husband Bob, for their graciousness during this transition," McCrory said. 

McCrory takes oath of office McCrory takes oath of office

McCrory's Cabinet secretaries were to be sworn in following McCrory in the old Senate chambers, with brunch afterward at the Executive Mansion. McCrory planned to attend a fundraiser Saturday night for a veterans' service group in his first public appearance as governor.

McCrory doesn't arrive at the Executive Mansion with the same immediate fiscal crisis that faced Perdue when she began in early 2009 at the height of the Great Recession, forcing her to slash budgets and furlough workers.

But McCrory, 56, must deal with what he's called stubborn unresolved problems.

He said they include eliminating the nearly $2.6 billion owed to the federal government to pay unemployment benefits; reducing income tax rates considered among the highest in the Southeast; and lowering a 9.1 percent jobless rate that's among the nation's highest. Republicans also are poised to pass a bill requiring photo identification to vote in person. McCrory supports voter ID.

McCrory, who was mayor in North Carolina's largest city a record 14 years, is considered a social moderate, but conservatives in the Legislature are likely to test his temperament on issues such as abortion.

McCrory filled out his Cabinet just after the new year, saying his choices were politically and geographically diverse. But they also include former colleagues from his days working at Duke Energy Corp. He also surprised some by naming embattled former Wake County schools superintendent Tony Tata as transportation secretary and Art Pope, a conservative philanthropist and former legislator, as his budget director.

Pope, the chief executive of a retail store chain, has been a bogeyman of sorts for liberals because his family foundation has given millions of dollars to conservative think tanks. His companies also have supported Republican candidates and causes. McCrory has defended his leadership choices, saying he's been looking for problem solvers and the best people for the jobs at hand.


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  • pbjbeach Jan 10, 2013

    from a dem beve did the right thing for regardless how muchshe praise her admisntration an the job thatshe did she was a closeted repbulcian at heart for she bent over backwards to give them everythign that they wanted an in doing so totaly messed over the public sector employee an all state government workers ia ll sections an all state agency just in order to give her republican buddys their ways with incentive packages an grants an all kinds of freebees that she could think up so i say to her an the incomming governor where are the jobs an when willtheyget to north carolina i am guessing they will arrive when these current repbulcian an their buddies in the chambers of commerce decie torelease them to make mccorker just look good for a relection process but this little trick will surely fail come 2016 i ampredicting that mccorker anhis ilk will be history just as bev is. the peolpe of this state are gttting feed up with the both of them an their far right winged wniged nutted ideas

  • pbjbeach Jan 10, 2013

    they should investigate the money that they will be spending on this inguration of this governor. for in my own personal opinion it will a be but yet another total waste an farther fraud perpeted against the taxpayers of this state recall him an all of his ilk at the same time thank you

  • Brian Jenkins Jan 8, 2013

    Piene2, A call for media fairness is not hate.
    January 7, 2013 6:34 p.m.
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    See thats why you thought Romney had a chance. You watch too much TV. Think for yourself. TONS of public info on every candidate running for office to make an educated decision without one minute of "media". Bunch of sheep.

  • Brian Jenkins Jan 8, 2013

    WRAL is nothing but a fully biased liberal rag.
    January 7, 2013 1:49 p.m.
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    LOL says the Romney lib.

  • Danny22 Jan 7, 2013

    A call for media fairness is not hate.

  • GravyPig Jan 7, 2013

    "Right. How many times have you heard them broadcast a story about obama or perdue that was negative? It would almost be worth it for me to get cable, at least I would be able to find something on there that wasn't constantly fawning over the dems."

    I've tried to respond to this already, but the censors must have deemed somthing wrong with it. Last try.

    What you are doing is accusing of bias before actual bias can be had. No they don't have an Obama tracker, and to be unbiased, they should.

    You also said this:

    "They can't wait to start tearing him down all the while calling themselves "fair and unbiased"."

    Again, that is essentially accusing of bias before they can actually be biased. Wait for them to do something that is actually biased, then complain about it.

  • piene2 Jan 7, 2013

    "For some of y'all to hate WRAL so much you sure do post alot of comments on WRAL news stories....WRAL is not the only news station in the Triangle....if y'all are so unhappy perhaps you should switch stations....but then you'd just have to gripe on the NBC17 or WTVD websites, that is if you don't already...*end rant* lol

    It reminds me of the people that say, "Pornography is sick and disgusting. I should know because I watch it eight hours a day."

  • Steven Jan 7, 2013

    If you don't like the viewpoint of a particular media source, why do you continue to patronize it? Seems rather stupid on your part that you continue to complain about it, yet you won't do the one thing you can do about it which is cut it off.

  • goldenosprey Jan 7, 2013

    Let me guess, sillywabbit, you think Fox News is Fair & Balanced, right?

    Bev was far from my favorite, but at least she didn't come with her own Cheney figure built into her administration.

  • mmtlash Jan 7, 2013

    For some of y'all to hate WRAL so much you sure do post alot of comments on WRAL news stories....WRAL is not the only news station in the Triangle....if y'all are so unhappy perhaps you should switch stations....but then you'd just have to gripe on the NBC17 or WTVD websites, that is if you don't already...*end rant* lol