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Man injured after driving off end of I-540

Posted May 7, 2010

— A Raleigh man was seriously injured early Friday when he drove off the eastern end of Interstate 540 and was thrown from his vehicle when it went down an embankment, police said.

Knightdale police responded to a call about a vehicle off the highway at about 6 a.m. and found that Calvin Jackson, 48, had driven off the area where I-540 will eventually extend south of U.S. Highway 264. The vehicle rolled down a 120-foot embankment into some woods and landed on top of Jackson, police said.

Jackson was pulled from under the vehicle and taken to WakeMed, where he was listed in serious condition Friday afternoon.

Police Chief Shawn Brown said local officials plan to work with the state Department of Transportation to ensure similar wrecks don't occur in the future.


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  • ladyblue May 10, 2010

    for all you gossipers who have nothing else to add to this story this man has narcolepsy. won't yakking on a cell phone, wasn't drunk, just has a disease that was supposedly under control.

  • OpenM1nd May 7, 2010

    Heh. He must have been talking on his cell phone when he missed his exit or else assumed that cruise control will also steer...

    We need some plastic water barrels down there like the kind that they use on runaway truck ramps, along with a pile of gravel or deep sand.

  • pwilliamson53 May 7, 2010

    People just don't pay attention to the road signs or they try to hurry up and pass someone knowing the roads narrows. It is a bad area and for someone not knowing the road and not paying attention this is what happens. Maybe the DOT can put some other type of barriers up??? Paying attention and leaving in plenty of time will stop some of these stupid accidents.

  • colliedave May 7, 2010

    any report on his BAC?

  • Revenge-O-Pheobi May 7, 2010

    Sorry to hear the guy got hurt, but... Last I heard, you had to pass a SIGN TEST to get your driver's license...

  • RaleighPirate May 7, 2010

    Thanks OGE! I knew it was something like that but could not remember all of the details.

  • larky74406 May 7, 2010

    They should put a toll booth at the end of the road, that should help discourage people from driving off into oblivion.

  • OGE May 7, 2010

    They need to put sand piles dow there similar to Truck runoff lanes in the mountains or something.

  • OGE May 7, 2010

    RaleighPirate...actually a few months ago a guy drove his SUV off the same spot and failed to kill him self. When the First Responders showed up he had hung him self from a tree.

  • the river rat May 7, 2010

    Sounds like he drove past all the signs that narrow the traffic to one lane indicating all traffic must exit and through a big red and white barricade.

    Glad I wasn't in front of him.