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Man gets life sentence for federal drug charges

Posted August 4, 2010

— An Oxford man was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday after being convicted of federal drug charges.

In May, a federal jury found Curtis Lakoy Edmonds, 34, guilty of three counts of distribution of five grams or more crack and one count of conspiring to distribute and possession with the intent to distribute 50 grams or more of crack.

Prosecutors said that Edmonds was targeted as part of Operation Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, a crackdown by federal, state and local authorities on importers and multi-level distributors of cocaine and crack.

Investigators said that Edmonds distributed a kilogram of crack cocaine and 380 grams of cocaine from April 2007 to June 2008. Prosecutors said that in three incidents, he sold crack cocaine to a witness cooperating with Oxford police.

Prosecutors said that Edmonds had 24 prior felony and misdemeanor convictions, including four drug-related felonies.


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  • UPTOP Aug 4, 2010

    Wow that's a bit much !! It's not his fault the courts allowed him a pat on the wrist 24 priors ago !!!

  • john283594 Aug 4, 2010

    Seems a little draconian...but he did have 24 priors, so I guess the court is just tired of seeing his face.

  • Feisty Cowgirl Aug 4, 2010

    "24 prior felony and misdemeanor convictions, including four drug-related felonies"??? Federal drug charges? Good, he should have gotten a life sentence. 24 prior convictions?

  • simplyme29 Aug 4, 2010

    He should get alot of time yes, however, life?

  • simplyme29 Aug 4, 2010

    This much time is rediculous...Our system is simply screwed!...rapists and murderers get far less time...jesus

  • pwilliamson53 Aug 4, 2010

    Life in prison for selling drugs, I agree he should get lots of time, but what about those that set fire to a person, kill a child, rape a child or drive drunk.. come on where is the logic behind some of the sentences handed down?

  • prophetdavis08 Aug 4, 2010

    Very Sad!

  • pettyelvira Aug 4, 2010

    How can you give a man life for selling drugs to people that want to buy drugs. even though that do not make it right. and give a man that molest and rape kids probation.

  • opinion2010 Aug 4, 2010

    DiscoStu65.. completely agree. It's very sad indeed. Although his track record probably got him to this sentence but we do see it everyday.... not that drug dealers shouldn't be punished but it is different than a molestor...

  • lrh07 Aug 4, 2010

    the whole judicial system needs to be overhauled...committing a crime in NC is the way to go...criminals love NC....get a gun permit and defend yourselves