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Man charged with raping 7-year-old girl

Posted June 10, 2008

— A Sanford man faces multiple sex charges after allegedly raping a 7-year-old girl last Saturday.

Investigators with the Lee County Sheriff's Office said Jonathon Scott Locke, 46, of 108 Quality Lane, assaulted the girl at his home on June 7.

Officials said Locke is reportedly a friend of the victim's family.

Locke faces one charge each of first-degree rape of a child, first-degree sex offense against a child, indecent liberties with a child and crimes against nature.

He was being held at the Lee County Jail under a $500,000 bond on Tuesday night.


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  • ladyblue Jun 11, 2008

    put him in max lock up with the meanest criminals they can find..............disgusting.............

  • chelada chick Jun 11, 2008

    Hey Go Georgia Tech---Simple Man is the name of the song and below is a few lyrics:
    "As far as I'm concerned there ain't no excuse
    For the raping and the killing and the child abuse
    And I've got a way to put an end to all that mess

    Just take them rascals out in the swamp
    Put 'em on their knees and tie 'em to a stump
    Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest"

  • Go Georgia Tech Jun 11, 2008

    Crystal I can only hope she is lying. History however tends to say she is not... very rarely is something like this lied about.

  • crystallocke Jun 11, 2008

    what about the accused family i mean i feel for the victims family but you all are saying oh he did it but where you there...i bet that his family is feeling as much if not more pain than the victims and if he is found innocent then you all look pretty stupid...just hope that little girl isnt lying like most of the kids growing up these days

  • Go Georgia Tech Jun 11, 2008

    your right NCguy- I was thinking of the Charlie Daniels song about tying him to stump and letting the alligators and something something do the rest.. man I wished I remembered that song- any idea?

  • FamMon Jun 11, 2008

    What would Jake Brigance say?

  • fletchermse Jun 11, 2008

    So, when are we going to bring back public hanging?

  • Mom of two Jun 11, 2008

    Lets hope for alot more than a slap on the wrist. That poor little girl.

  • ncguy Jun 11, 2008

    georgia tech- that would Hank Williams Junior.

    But I agree!!!!

  • JMcLean Jun 11, 2008

    Whether the mother was single or not is immaterial. Just because a mom is single (for WHATEVER reason) doesn't mean that she has to 'pay for it' by having her 7 year old child raped.

    Some mothers are single by choice, some by circumstance. I'm not sure how that makes her a bad person or one deserving judgment.

    She very well could have had a father in the home, too. We don't know ANYTHING about the makeup of this family.

    Why don't we send prayers and/or positive thoughts their way as opposed to ill-meaning words and judgment. I think they've got enough to worry about without anyone else's added scorn.