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Man charged with photographing boys in State Fair restroom

Posted October 28, 2013
Updated November 21, 2013

Paul William Fantz

— A Raleigh man was arrested Sunday on charges he secretly photographed boys in a restroom during the State Fair.

Paul William Fantz, 30, of 2930 Calliope Way, Apt. 103, in Raleigh, was charged with nine counts each of second-degree exploitation of a minor, secret peeping and indecent liberties. He was being held Monday in the Wake County jail under a $500,000 bond.

According to arrest warrants, Fantz used his cellphone to take pictures of young boys as they urinated. He did so "for the purpose of arousing and gratifying (his) sexual desire," the warrant states.

The incidents took place on at least two days during the State Fair, according to the warrants.


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  • geoherb1 Oct 29, 2013

    There are porta-johns available for young boys to use for mothers who don't want their sons going into public restrooms with strangers.

    A father brought his young daughter (probably around 6 years old) into the men's restroom in the Kerr Scott Building while I was there. I thought that was inappropriate at the time, especially since the men's rooms have urinals in addition to stalls.

  • Canes Girl Forever Oct 29, 2013

    Rachel - you obviously don't have children. A mother does what she must to make sure her children are safe. If that means my 9 year old son is going into the ladies room with me, then that's the way it's going to be!

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Oct 29, 2013

    What is inappropriate is this predator's behavior and those like him. It is my job as a mother to do all I can to protect my child and if it upsets you that a little kid is in the Woman's bathroom- then excuse me, but I thought MOST women had a heart and were protective over children. You must NOT be a mother if you think a 8 year old can hold their water to get home. I will continue to take my little boy into the restroom and you can continue complain.

  • babbleon1 Oct 29, 2013


    re: sending an 8yo boy in alone vs to the women's restrooms:

    Every woman's room has nothing but stalls. They are relatively private - you can only see something if you get in close and stare, and I wouldn't let any one do that at any age.

    I had been wondering what age I should let him go alone, but I think that in a crowded open event like this, the age gets higher. In a familiar restaurant, I've already let him go in alone (5yo), but at the fair? He had an adult with him at all times, except on rides, and it's going to stay that way for some years to come.

  • raleighlynn Oct 28, 2013

    The state fair was obviously cursed this year. silverballwiz is right, he should have a fair trial before being convicted in the court of public opinion. That said, pedophiles are evil and sick, and we have no use for their kind on planet Earth.

  • silverballwiz Oct 28, 2013

    I wish that the news would publish stories about people helping people instead of bad news all of the time. I agree with every one here that it is sick. However, he needs a fair trial first. Then if he is found guilty, then you punish. I am sure that is why I was convicted. People with attitudes like this and had me convicted before I even walked in the courtroom. I am stating it here for everyone to see. I really was not guilty. I can not speak for this person. All I know is this is very very sick. I am really sorry these kids are growing up in a world where such activities exist. If something like this happens, report it. I just can not sit by and not say something that disgusts me as much as this. I am sick and tired of people that abuse children

  • Whosays Oct 28, 2013

    Oh that is sick.

  • rachel Oct 28, 2013

    another case where the tail wags the dog-don't people have a clue how pathetic this looks when they get caught? Have some pride dude!

  • splucker Oct 28, 2013

    What on earth is going on with the state fair this year?!?!?!?!?! OMG, people falling off rides, people working there getting hurt and now pedophiles!

  • crystalswisher Oct 28, 2013

    yet another black eye on our state's fair! How disgusting and this guy needs to be put in prison.