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Man charged with assaulting police at Cary bowling alley

Posted February 9, 2012
Updated February 10, 2012

— Cary police arrested a man Thursday night who allegedly tried to strike an officer with his vehicle in the parking lot of Buffaloe Lanes bowling alley on High House Road.

Randy Bernard Henderson Jr., 20, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substance, felony maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances and possession up to a half-ounce of marijuana. He was being held Friday in the Wake County jail under a $30,000 bond.

Maj. Tony Godwin of the Cary Police Department said an officer fired one shot into the vehicle, but the driver was not hit.

Godwin said officers were in the area conducting an investigation prior to the incident. When they attempted to arrest the car's driver, he tried to hit an officer with his vehicle. He struck the officer's vehicle instead. 

The officer was not injured.

The details of the original investigation were not released.


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  • gunny462 Feb 10, 2012

    "Well he did hit it so at least we know he is accurate enough to hit a car. Buckie"

    Which made the perp crash into the officers patrol car, stopping him and allowing other LEOs to arrest him.

  • gunny462 Feb 10, 2012

    I wonder if the CPD hands out a citation for excellent automobile marksmanship. Buckie

    "Their marksmanship was spot on at the bank though.
    Hugo Fuerst"

    It was Buckie's son and he's tranferring the blame from himself for the death of his son at the LEOs.

    * people were held hostage at that bank, he walked outside simulating hold a GUN at the branch managers head, he was shot DEAD. 5 to 6 (can't remember#) schools had to shut down and all of the local stores went into lockdown/out. Kudos to the officers for doing their jobs!

  • Classified Feb 10, 2012

    I wonder if the CPD hands out a citation for excellent automobile marksmanship. Buckie

    Their marksmanship was spot on at the bank though.

  • didisaythat Feb 10, 2012

    I try to tell myself that people posting the criticism of the police are just doing it to stir the pot in GOLO, but it seems that so many do this I worry they actually believe what they write. I do know that if the majority knew what it is actually like to be the police and how the judicial system actually works they would not critcize as much. There are times the police deserve it, but that is very few compared to what the police bashers believe.

  • scotian Feb 10, 2012

    To all you people on here knocking Cary Police...let's hope for your sake that the next time you are involved with them that they fire a warning shot and do not shoot to kill. The officer was protecting himself and I do not understand how you people can defend someone who drives their car at an officer.....y'all worry me.Move somewhere that does not have a police force and tell me how you like that ....

  • Glenn Miller Feb 10, 2012

    Buckie is just feeling guilty because he wasn't there for his friend Devon and didn't help Devon when he desperately needed it. He let Devon down and now Buckie is feeling guilty...give the buckster a break

  • wrx44 Feb 10, 2012

    I have lived in Cary 18 years. The police here do an amazing job. I find the people that are usually constantly criticizing the police are the people that either break the law, or have close relatives that do. I support the Cary police 100%....they do a great job protecting the community and putting criminals in jail. Great job!

  • Z Man Feb 10, 2012

    kikinc - yes I remember HHB. We had a team in our league that would haul tush over there and back for a quick beer between games. Amazing.

  • dogluv3r Feb 10, 2012

    OMG Buckie....Get a shrink

  • Z Man Feb 10, 2012

    His mama must be VERY proud.