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Locals lukewarm to Obama gun plan

Posted January 19, 2013

— President Obama’s plan to help curb gun violence got a lukewarm reception among patrons at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show on Saturday.

Many attending the popular event said the president’s proposals, which include requiring background checks for all gun sales, reinstating the assault weapons ban and limiting the size of ammunition magazines, would make little difference.

“The gun laws that they have on the books aren’t enforced, don’t do any good. Oh, let’s feel good and make some more laws,” said Durham resident Al Galbraith, who is a member of Grass Roots North Carolina, a volunteer organization devoted to preserving gun rights.

In North Carolina, unlicensed dealers can sell rifles and shotguns without background checks at gun shows. The so-called “gun show loophole” could close under changes being considered by the Obama administration.

“I guess I don’t have an immediate adverse reaction to it, other than it’s one more rule for somebody to try to break,” said gun owner Steve Shriver. “It’s like having licensed dealers for alcohol. How successful has that been? “

Jabari Richards of Spring Hope said universal background checks could help ensure guns were in responsible hands.

“I think there should be background checks for everybody,” Richards said. “Because then you knew they went through the background check and you know they are capable of having a gun.”


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  • lwe1967 Jan 21, 2013

    It's not the guns that kill, it's the nut jobs operating the gun. The goverment's objective is to take every weapon away from legal citizens. They better wake up to the 2nd amendment. I agree that everyone should go through a safety course for weapons.

  • stevee2 Jan 21, 2013

    BO scar'd of guns!

  • cagerat42 Jan 21, 2013

    I disagree with Mr.Richards from Spring Hope.Just because
    someone passes a background check doesn't make them qualified
    to own a weapon.Some years back when my father retired he went to
    work in a gunshop part-time.A gentleman came in on a Saturday to
    purchase a pistol.He passed the background check but in casual conversation my father asked the man why he wanted to purchase a gun.The gentleman answered its not like I am going to shoot my girlfriend or anything.Although he passed his background check and
    had a pistol permit my father refused to sale the man a gun.This was on a Saturday,man was arrested for beating his girlfriend on
    Sunday night.Common sense goes a long way.

  • Bill of Rights Jan 21, 2013

    TeresaBee: When and where did you buy this rifle?

  • Vstrom Jan 21, 2013

    Ya'll forget that 4 years ago, when Obama was first elected, AR prices spiked over the fear that a Dem from Chicago was going to ban fun guns. I picked mine last one up a year ago, used...3 years old...only had 20 rounds through it. Paid alot less than the seller paid in a panic.

  • james18 Jan 21, 2013

    @TeresaBee...wrong..you walked into a Walmart with a drivers license to prove #1 your a resident of NC. #2 Then in filling out the required paperwork, probably electronically, NCIS did a background check and allowed you to purchase the firearm. If something would have come back denied you would not have walked out of Walmart with nothing but a sad look on your face. Stop distorting facts to add to the media and government agenda..

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Jan 21, 2013

    WRAL understates how the people in our area feel about the President's attack on gun rights. Despite the stupid accident on Saturday, the lines for the gun show wrapped around the Scott building. Vendors reported lots of sales, and many, if not most of the weapons on sale appeared to be used. Sunday's crowd was very brisk as well. The Fair Grounds probably took in over a quarter of a million in ticket sales alone.

    What does all this mean? It means that people are willing to pay more for guns because they are seen as an important means of self-defense. There were people of all races and ages looking at guns and ammunition. One buyer picked up a quart bag of .223 caliber ammo and tossed it back, claiming the cost was outrageous. Most of the people I talked to said they are already well stocked on ammunition.

    With crime and evil ramping up, bans on weapons to protect ourselves just plays into the favor of the criminals. Obama will cost Democrats many seats in 2014.

  • TeresaBee Jan 21, 2013

    I walked into Walmart and bought a rifle with just a drivers license. No waiting period, no background check, no mental health evaluation. I find something very wrong with this picture.

  • novacrazy2000 Jan 21, 2013

    It's about time the media find another subject this gun control issue has gone on long enough. True it is important, But they are tring to force bad food down the throats of Americans by saying we need more gun control, Just fix the laws you have before making new ones.

  • BobLoblaw Jan 21, 2013

    You cannot sell a handgun to anyone who does not give you a valid pistol permit, and you can't get a valid pistol permit without a background check.