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Lenoir County deputies find pot growing in buried school bus

Posted January 14, 2010
Updated January 15, 2010

— An undercover drug buy led Lenoir County detectives to an underground marijuana garden in a buried school bus.

Multiple media outlets reported Thursday that the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office had looked for the source of the marijuana for three years and had been flying over the area with a helicopter.

Then sheriff's narcotics officers bought several pounds of pot in a recent undercover buy. Sgt. Eddie Eubanks says officers traced the pot to 2179 N.C. Highway 58 South in Kinston.

A search dog fell through a camouflaged trap door leading down to a full-length school bus buried eight feet under a backyard tool shed.

Deputies seized 68 plants, each 4 feet tall and weighing about 35 pounds. Eubanks says the plants were worth about $40,000.

Lensey Ray Dail Sr., 52, of 2179 N.C. Highway 58 South, is charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana, attempting to traffic marijuana, maintaining a dwelling to produce marijuana, trafficking marijuana by possession, trafficking marijuana by manufacture, possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana and conspiracy to sell and deliver.

Dail was being held under $130,000 bond in the Lenoir County jail on Friday.

Desiz Farris Dail, 36, also of 2179 N.C. Highway 58 South, is charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver, conspiracy to sell and deliver, attempting to traffic, sell and deliver marijuana, and maintaining a dwelling to produce marijuana. She is currently out on bond.

Jerome Murrell, 35, 393 Oakdale Drive, is charged with trafficking by manufacture of marijuana, trafficking by possession of marijuana, conspiracy to traffic marijuana, possession with intent to sell and deliver, sell and deliver of marijuana and maintaining a vehicle for selling and delivering.

Murrell was being held under $80,000 bond in the Lenoir County jail Friday.


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  • edits Jan 15, 2010

    I want to know the names of the three people arrested...and this was in Lenoir county? I know of someone, from information told to me by another person, that there is a bus buried in Wake county too, for the same reason.

  • My5cents Jan 15, 2010

    If someone went to such lengths to grow pot then they should be allowed to keep it.

  • hemp4victory Jan 14, 2010

    Not an uncommon farming technique.

    Bumper though :(

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Jan 14, 2010

    Was the school bus one of those missing from Johnston County?

  • batcave Jan 14, 2010

    N C State ag students are the best

  • moth Jan 14, 2010

    $40,000 worth of plants for 3 years of work? You are kidding, right?

  • celticsubnoize Jan 14, 2010

    68 plants, and only a value of $40,000? must be some poor schwag.

  • Eastern N.C. Native Jan 14, 2010

    Now that's creative...

  • suckafree23 Jan 14, 2010

    WOW that farmer put a lot of effort in his fields. LOL.... With the GREEN wave, solar power is a good way to get free power for all the grow lamps, and he probably had a well to water the plants.

  • 007KnightRider Jan 14, 2010

    Can we say Mythbusters!