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Lee County School Bus, Transit Bus Collide

Posted June 25, 2007

— A Lee County school bus carrying about 40 students collided with a Lee County Transit Bus Monday morning, police said.

The driver of the school bus, Linda Graham, was charged with failing to see before starting. Police said the bus failed to yield or clear the intersection as it pulled out from a stop sign into oncoming traffic.

The transit bus overturned on its side after the collision.

Olia Holder, the driver of the transit bus, and two passengers were taken to Central Carolina Hospital for treatment. Authorities said they did not know their conditions.

There were no reports of students being injured on the school bus.


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  • unbiasedaccfan Jun 26, 2007

    Another mistake - I understand the driver's last name was Gorham, not Graham

  • christinathefern Jun 26, 2007

    Why does this make the news while other exciting occurences in Lee County fail? Oh yeah, this one involved an attention getting "school bus" in it.

  • yaright Jun 26, 2007

    O ya another fine example of NC Drivers ED at its best.

  • 1Moms_View Jun 26, 2007

    Thanks for the update. So, COLTS transports students to CCCC? I didn't know that.

  • jacob s. Jun 25, 2007

    ok ppl i was on the van that flipped and tere where 4 ppl on the van not 2 and and all of the ppl on the van had to go to the Hospital all the people where going to cccc for school and i just got out of the Hospitalat like 10 am this mornig

  • dsallyds Jun 25, 2007

    this story where not even factual first off my friend was on the bus when it was hit and in all 4 people where taken to the hospital not just 3. i would also like to say to the last comment made not to worry that all the people on the van other than the driver where from CCCC and while they where slightly injored they are all fine as far as that gose thank you all for reading i just thought i should tell everyone the additional infromation

  • 1Moms_View Jun 25, 2007

    I'm more concerned over the condition of the elderly people being transported by COLTS and the children than what words are being spelled incorrectly. My grandmother is transported by COLTS to her medical appointments when one of us can't take her. The impact would have to be pretty hard to roll that van, but someone may correct me on that.

    If WRAL can't be bothered to hire writers able to edit their own work, then they need to make sure someone else checks it before posting the articles.

  • goutytoe Jun 25, 2007

    WRAL hires low intelligence people to write these stories, and the results are here for all to read.

    If someone writes a comment and makes a typo or uses all caps, well, that's okay - we are simply commenters on a story and we all make mistakes.

    But a news organization should be held to a higher standard - if the writing is mangled, most likely the facts are, too.

    So far, WRAL is falling far short of a reasonable expectation of professionalism. As for volunteering to edit their stories, their's is a business, and in theory, they earn a profit. They can hire an editor.

  • DEPUTY Jun 25, 2007


  • suki Jun 25, 2007

    Well, obviously some of our teachers aren't doing such a great job teaching grammar and spelling, and relying on spell-check isn't always the best of ideas. Perhaps a more important issue should be why people read these and post primarily negative comments? There are plenty of volunteer opportunities around if one needs something to do. Have a blessed day.