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Knightdale man faces 18 charges, linked to restaurant robbery

Posted October 26, 2011

— Knightdale police made an arrest Tuesday morning in the robbery of Andy's Restaurant and charged the suspect with 18 criminal offenses.

Police said Tylik Shawndu Little, 21, whose last known address was 5428 Sandy Trail Run, worked with others Oct. 20 to rob an employee of the restaurant, at 1011 Smithfield Road, and steal his car.

Three days later, Wendell police stopped a vehicle with fake license plates and discovered it belonged to the robbery victim. Three men were arrested, and Little got away, but his accomplices identified him as the driver.

Later that evening, police responding to a report of an assault on a 9-year-old in on Costmary Way in Knightdale had another near-miss with Little. 

A tip led them to a home on Elmridge Drive, where Little escaped out the back door as police questioned the resident.

Knightdale police finally tracked Little, through tips and contacts, to the Laurens Way Apartments, where they convinced him to surrender.

Under questioning, Little admitted to three break-ins. His charges range from second-degree trespass and lying to an officer to assault on a child, larceny of a motor vehicle and robbery with a dangerous weapon.


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  • #24WarrensABeast Oct 27, 2011

    First off, there was only one police officer that was looking for him, and that officer is hated very much in Knightdale. If you had absolutely nothing to do with something and he thinks you might, your guilty! I, by no means, am not condoning crime, if Mr. Little did this. If he did it, then you pay the consequences, period!!! This is a young man that I don't even know personally, he hung out with some kids who lived near by and had friends that lived in the apartment complex so don't down the complex, if the person doesn't live there!!!

    Anywho, "eastwakegirl", I don't know what happened with Laurens Way in the past when you lived there. All I know is, if you mean they do nothing as far as crime in the neighborhood is concerned, ummm, that's what KNIGHTDALE PUBLIC SAFETY is for! If/When they(Lauren's Way Management)call, and if there's a problem, KPD's job is handling it! As far as the tenant, that's what evictions for!!! So far, no problems in LAURENS WAY APARTMENTS!!! H.A.G.D!!

  • ncmickey Oct 27, 2011

    If he was the driver there will be fingerprints of his in the car. If he had the car, hes guilty.

  • dryjr Oct 27, 2011

    I'm scared to go to Knightdale.

  • eastwakegirl Oct 27, 2011

    Keeping the property clean and free of clutter is easy! That is what the ground crew does......if you look in the crime reports and the high number of incidents in Laurens Way speaks for its self. I know this first hand, I lived there for a year. Management does not want to get involved in problems that clearly are a hazard to the residents. I agree with Hunter38 if he is innocent then why run?

  • hunter38 Oct 27, 2011

    If you're innocent and had nothing to do with the crime....you wouldn't run and hide. It appears Little ran and avoided the police more than once. If he was innocent like "a drip of caramel" is claiming then come forward and talk....dont run and hide...only guilty people do that

  • mac240 Oct 27, 2011

    I firmly believe the number of crimes you commit is inversely proportional to the amount of time you spend in jail!

  • pat7 Oct 27, 2011

    Looks like the same old thing, He'll do little or no time because of Daddy issue or something along those lines, You cant take what doesnt belong to you ,You are taught that from the time youre born. I guess your a product of what was taught ,Fix Families , Work Hard ,Be honest, Your word is evrything Etc, Etc

  • #24WarrensABeast Oct 27, 2011

    Knightdale police department is full of it! They didn't "convince" Tylik to surrender and he did not commit this crime nor was he involved. I'm not sure if it's because the other 3 defendants "alleged" that Tylik did this, the PD is believing their stories. The other 3 guys have rap sheets as well, which tells me quite a lot about the creditability of this guys. Tylik was homeless, someone in the community gave him a place to stay and on the night in question, he was hanging out at the house in the community, so please, give me a break!!

    I wish Tylik the best of luck!

    Also, Laurens Way is not a bad community! No problems that I know it! Management does care, park your car there with expired tags and it's gone the same day. Don't leave cigarette butts out front, b/c there will be a note on your door.

    Say what you please about my comment, IDGAF!!!!

  • eastwakegirl Oct 27, 2011

    Lauren's Way in Knightdale is a horrible community...the police need to clean that area up. Management there does not care.

  • Mr. Sensible Oct 27, 2011

    Maybe when he gets out in six months. Our wonderful justice system will have shown him the error of his ways.