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Judge denies teen's request for release from Indiana detention center

Posted July 20, 2009

— A district judge in Indiana has denied the request of an Oxford teen that he be released from custody.

Authorities charge that Ashton Lundeby, 16, used the Internet to make fake bomb threats to schools nationwide.

Lundeby's attorneys asked that their client be released from the St. Joseph County Juvenile Justice Center while awaiting trial so he can get proper dental care. The motion stated he has two root canals, which have not yet been capped.

Judge Robert L. Miller ruled Monday that Lundeby's situation had not changed enough to warrant pretrial released.

FBI agents and local law enforcement arrested Lundeby at his home on March 5, and he has been detained in the facility since then.


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  • Tink 23 Jul 21, 2009

    He needs to be near his loved ones. Wonder where his loved ones where when he was making the bomb threat. I think this was his way of trying to get moms attention oh well to bad now you have to pay the price. I know we all love our kids but if it was my kid who done this he would have rather been in there then to come home and deal with mom.

  • Tarheel born Jul 21, 2009

    Don't they have dentist's contracted for prisoners. Anyway if it's not a true emergency - too bad......

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jul 21, 2009

    funny his mom must have thought Indiana was like NC... apparently Indiana doesn't release potentially risky individuals in the public, imagine that. Although, too bad he didn't rape and kill someone, he'd be out already.

  • delilahk2000 Jul 21, 2009


  • djofraleigh Jul 21, 2009

    Society doesn't often get to view so vividly the transition period from poorly parented, pandered and protected teen to full fledged menace to society criminal.

    The mother has NO credibility at this point, and while I feel sorry for the young man for having had such a permissive, excusing parent, he is who he has become, a menace to society even from his own home. I'd like to know what problems he had as a juvenile.

    As for the teeth, this is a lawyer searching for an excuse to get him out of prison, as paid to do. Trouble is, the kid is going to likely be in prison until he is 21, under state dental care.

    The mother is going to lose whatever it is she has to pay the lawyer. There's a lesson here for all of us, that a kid with a computer in his room alone can reach out into the world and do harm, and get himself in a lot of trouble.

    Know what goes on online!

    We just had a young woman lured away from home on the net, called to come home, then was found dead.

  • djofraleigh Jul 21, 2009

    This story has NOTHING to do with Obama. Like Bush before, Obama is drug into everything.

  • downsouthtyler Jul 21, 2009

    this case is funny. The mom thinks this kid is innocent when in actuallity he IS the new generation of Terrorists! Crazy!

  • furburg Jul 21, 2009

    No feelings here, Let him rot in his little kiddie cell.

  • Rockermom Jul 21, 2009

    Maybe he should have been at the dentist's office instead of on the internet making threats. He caused a lot of undue hardship for law enforcement and potential "victims" of his hoax. No sympathy here.

  • SweetB Jul 21, 2009

    He needs to be near his loved ones. Yes he did something VERY wrong. BUT He has to be taken care of, instead of using him as an example...