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Johnston teacher resigns amid investigation

Posted February 14, 2011
Updated February 15, 2011

— A female teacher at North Johnston Middle School has resigned amid an investigation into allegations of "inappropriate contact" with male high school students, authorities said Monday.

The teacher's name hasn't been released because she hasn't been charged with a crime, said Tammy Amaon, spokeswoman for the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

No information was released as to the number of students involved or whether the alleged misconduct occurred on school property.


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  • 2SWEETBOYS Feb 14, 2011

    I agree rlt197131.....why put the Trooper's photo and not her picture. I don't think WRAL understands about equal reporting.

  • rlt197131 Feb 14, 2011

    Not sure if this has been said or not because I havent read all the posts. Why isnt her name and picture on the website, like the State Trooper is. He hasnt been "charged" with a crime either. How bout some equal reporting?

  • sunshine61993 Feb 14, 2011

    mmurray8414 dont play the age guessing game at the fair and please make sure your information is accurate before posting same for howmanyounces comment on it being her daughters boyfriend..howmany do you know this person..I didnt think so its just another case of Johnston county gossip. Glad you dont live in a glass house throwing the stones you are throwing.

  • Brindy Feb 14, 2011

    "If you've ever watched the Dateline NBC series "To catch a predator", you've seen that sexual predators come in all shapes & sizes, backgrounds, faiths, careers, etc... It's troubling to see the tpes of people who do this. They're our "neighbors next door" in most cases." fatchanceimwrong

    Great post! Sexual deviance has nothing to do with the profession...these sickos will put themselves in any position they can to be close to kids...doctors, dentists, teachers, nurses, whoever...background checks are garbage, completely ineffective. So, what do we do to keep these perverts away from our kids? I could answer that, but I'd definately be censored!

  • mmurray8414 Feb 14, 2011

    This teacher had kids of her own in NJMS so I doubt that it is a 22 or 23 year old teacher with 18 or 19 year old students. This teacher was in her mid to late 30's.

  • jurydoc Feb 14, 2011

    wow, it's pretty bad when NC statutes can't make it past the "proctor." At any rate, in order for this to have been a crime, according to statute, there had to have been sex acts or inter course AND they have to have been in the same school at the same time at some time prior to the act(s) taking place. So, bottom line, there may not be a crime here since there was "inappropriate contact" (may or may not meet threshhold) and if she taught middle and the boys were highschoolers. Just sayin.

  • map1agmachining Feb 14, 2011

    Clayton stands for: Cary like area yankees think of next.

  • cwood3 Feb 14, 2011

    There you go again Cary-you sid the same thin last week when we had a problem in Clayton. Do you have an ax to grind with JoCO schools?? What's the problem??? Haven't you guys got enough to worry about in Wake Co.???

    Yes you do-bunch of crazy folks resisting what the voters voted to do up there. The voters spoke and a few listened to what they said. Others still resist!!

    Well friend, we'll take our neighborhood schools here in JoCO and clean up as we need to without the snobbish help from Wake Co. ESPECIALLY SNOBBIE CARY!! OK???

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Feb 14, 2011

    LOL @ familyfour

  • housemanagercary Feb 14, 2011

    So she very well could have been a 22 year old teacher dating a 18 or 19 year old that she had NO clue was a student at another school then realized it, dumped him, got "investigated", and had to quit? I'm COMPLETELY speculating because this article has no further facts I'm just wondering how sensitive we might have gotten.