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Jogger Injured After Vehicle Accident

Posted July 21, 2007

— A jogger was taken to WakeMed Saturday morning with non-life threatening injuries after she was hit by a vehicle on South Murphy Road.

The jogger’s name was not released. Authorities said she and the driver, whose name was also not released, were both correctly following traffic precautions.

The accident is still under investigation.


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  • Esse quam videri Jul 21, 2007

    This happened this morning around 9:00 on Murphrey Road(just south of Archers Lodge). Apparently the driver of a Chrysler convertible clipped the jogger on the edge of the road (from the looks of the car the jogger cost the driver a windhield).
    This occurred on a two lane rural road that gets way too much traffic for joggers, or for that matter cyclists to use safely. Five years ago the road was a little known secret, but development towards Highway 42 has made it way dangerous.
    The jogger is probably lucky to be alive.
    If you happen to be out in that area on a saturday morning (Covered Bridge Road, Buffaloe Road) beware....You will spend some time dodging bicycles and joggers.

  • Say it to my face Jul 21, 2007

    Thank you WRAL, for wasting 30 seconds of my life...

  • joco cruiser Jul 21, 2007

    Drivers in the Clayton area seem to think that the roads are for motorized vehicles ONLY.

  • oldrebel Jul 21, 2007

    .....err....."were't released."

  • oldrebel Jul 21, 2007

    Why is this even a story when neither the pedestrain nor the driver's name were released?

  • SailbadTheSinner Jul 21, 2007

    Whoa ....

    I thought our system was set up so that if ANYTHING bad happened, SOMEONE was at fault ....

    Clearly, this has to be fixed.

    How can attorneys make a decent living or how can insurance companies subrogate if everyone is following the rules and someone STILL gets hurt?


  • Travised Jul 21, 2007

    Somethings amiss if both were following traffic procedures. Either one had headsets on on one was distracted by radio or cell phone.

    I learned early on to use cell at red lights (when it was bag phones only) or in parking lots. I could still Multitask on the interstate having to eat and drive heading to campus. Or reaching to the floorboards to change fuel tanks, not knowing what tank I was changing to. All I cared about was staying in lane and close to road speed (in neutral) then start er up and drop in back to drive.

    As a bicyclist It's same. You may have equaly use of road (technically MORE) than cars, but we don't use that legal ability. Two tons against 150 pounds... Obvious car wins. We are forced to shoulders and use hand signs that most drivers forget after first year driving. Officers don't see you as an equal when you get struck by a car, you are viewed as an annoyance. I had that happen to me when found partially at fault when the car ran the light.

  • CozyCake Jul 21, 2007

    As a resident of Clayton I can understand why someone would get injured. This community is not designed for jogging so even when you "do it right" your at risk. The streets are too narrow and too busy to do it safely. Unfortunately to run safely you have to go into Raleigh...so much for being green and earth friendly...

  • ladyblue Jul 21, 2007

    Redwarrior- I was about to ask the same question but I see you got it. That's hard to do.

  • lornadoone Jul 21, 2007

    How is this newsworthy!?