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Holly Springs woman charged with drug trafficking, fraud

Posted February 5, 2009

— A Holly Springs woman is accused of drug trafficking, possession and fraud after authorities say she forged prescriptions to obtain oxycodone from an Apex drug store.

Dinah S. Kelly, 55, of 108 Arbor Wynds Court, is charged with 13 counts of fraud/forgery. Arrest warrants say that she obtained hundreds of oxycodone pills from Walgreens, 511 W. Williams St., by forging the signature of Dr. Rowena Marino, of the Hope Spine and Rehabilitation Clinic. The offenses occurred from March to November last year.

Kelly is also charged with 13 counts of trafficking heroin/opium.

She was being held at the Wake County jail under a $1 million bond Thursday afternoon.


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  • kimberly1110 Feb 6, 2009

    She lives in my brother's neighborhood. Ha.

  • superman Feb 6, 2009

    You cant just stop at punishing a couple companies, like beer, tobacco. You also have fast food places and hundreds of companies who sell items that are bad for you. It is up to the person to make their own choices. Cigarettes, wine, beer, fast food. And we might even discover soon that cell phones are dangerous.

  • skinnycow Feb 6, 2009


  • somethingwickedthiswaycomes Feb 6, 2009

    I take FDA approved "prescription" drugs. I have read all the pharmacology to include the benefits and side effects. At times the cons out weigh the pros....

    It is amazing to me this society's stance on what is acceptable and what is not.

    If some big agency tells you its safe, and the gov backs them up, you swallow it....hook, line, and sinker....

    Since there are MANY forms of drugs available today, legal or otherwise, it becomes a matter of one's own ability to control what one chooses to swallow, smoke, drink, inject or otherwise.

    The anti-drug campaign is winning in that use of mariquana is down among teens....but they didn't count the number of youths now engaging in "pill-swapping" with the stash from their parents "legally obtained prescripts".....

    The woman in this report deserves to be punished for her crimes.
    But so should Budweiser, Phillip Morris, and Glaxo-Smith Cline.

  • Timbo Feb 6, 2009

    "So for those that want to legalize drugs think about what the drugs do to society. These are "legal" drugs...and they are still abused."

    bradh, bad point!

    The idea of legalizing drugs is not that doing so will prevent drug addiction, it will prevent the assorted secondary issues associated with their illegal use.

    Making them illegal has not prevented their use; as we know from alcohol, prohibition doesn't work. It just lines the pockets of organized crime and gangs.

  • SuperNupe Feb 6, 2009

    bradh: Good Point!

    I agree that whether you legalize a drug or not there will still be a black market for it...

  • didisaythat Feb 5, 2009

    The abuse is on the rise and will soon be the most abused drug in America. And it can kill you in a second. So for those that want to legalize drugs think about what the drugs do to society. These are "legal" drugs...and they are still abused. For those that say if you legalize pot or other drugs they like the drug problem will go away they are wrong.

  • TStills Feb 5, 2009


  • AX Feb 5, 2009

    Wow, It took that LONG to catch on to her?

  • rushbot Feb 5, 2009

    This is the very same substance which turned Rush Limbaugh into a junkie. He was, I believe, buying the pills from his housekeeper!