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Hoke teacher hurt breaking up school fight

Posted September 27, 2013

— A teacher at Hoke County High School was taken to a hospital Thursday after getting injured while breaking up a fight between at least two girls, authorities said.

Teacher Shelly Wilburn, who's also a Raeford town councilwoman, suffered minor injuries but went to the hospital as a precaution.

A 15-year-old girl has been charged as a juvenile with the assault.

The names of the students involved in the fight haven't been released because of their age.


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  • justme28301 Oct 3, 2013

    my last comment must've been to harsh!! But truth is truth. Some schools need more SRO's than others and HHS is one of those schools!!! Sad to say. Glad my son never had to go there. Keep the SRO's AT the school ALL day long!!

  • justme28301 Oct 3, 2013

    @Sherlock: EX being the key word. Does she carry the equipment now that she did as a cop? Exactly!!! Therefore she is now a teacher, not a cop anymore. That's an SRO's job 100%!!

  • Sherlock Sep 30, 2013

    She is an ex cop she should have been able to control 2 subjects....

  • Sherlock Sep 30, 2013

    Where was the SRO!!!

  • anneonymousone Sep 27, 2013

    (sending Ms. Wilburn virtual ibuprofen for muscle strain and any other pain and arnica gel for any bruising)

    How nice it is to read an article about a teacher that does not begin with the assumption that the teacher is lying, doing a bad job, or is responsible for the behavior of everyone in a five-mile radius.

  • Jack Flash Sep 27, 2013

    "Having spent 30+ years in the classroom, I have broken up a few fights. That said, You don't want to get between girls fighting. They are worse than boys to get stopped. They like to scratch, kick and pull hair."

    You said it! 18th year teacher here and girls are far scarier to get between!

    The thing about teachers breaking up fights is that we are conditioned to not touch students and when we have to, we're pretty hesitant. That's a good way to get yourself hurt when two kids older than 10 are going at it full throttle. If you commit to breaking up a fight, you pretty much have to go into it as hard as they're going at it.

    Either way, it's not a fun situation to be in at all.

  • Combat MP Sep 27, 2013

    She should have used pepper spray. That would have taken care of the two participants and the "fight club" that assembles around these things. Pepper spray a few of them, and the rest will think twice about the fight. Hoke High is no joke. It is a very dangerous school. The SRO was taken down 2 years ago by a fight.

  • jdo823 Sep 27, 2013

    Is it wrong when you're trying to defense yourself?

  • zoso62 Sep 27, 2013

    The parents have full control over what the teenager does. It starts from a very young age with love and discipline.

  • btneast Sep 27, 2013

    That said, You don't want to get between girls fighting. They are worse than boys to get stopped.

    You are so correct. Girls are emotionally committed to a fight way more than boys, and will use every and anything at hand to accomplish their goal. It takes at least two people....one person trying to step in between them is just like stepping in between two chain saws....you will get hurt.