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Fatal hit-and-run suspect never stopped vehicle, report says

Posted February 17, 2014
Updated February 18, 2014

— When Marshall Doran tried to avoid a truck spun out in the snow on Interstate 40 near Garner, he hit and killed two men on the shoulder, according to a wreck report describing a deadly hit-and-run involving the 21-year-old.

Doran, of Kure Beach, was traveling 60 mph on the snow and ice covered road when he hit and killed Nathaniel Williams, 34, of Hope Mills and Larry Kepley, 39, of Winston-Salem, with his Volvo station wagon, the report said.

Doran never stopped, according to a separate arrest warrant.

The hit-and-run happened Thursday night after the driver of a tractor-trailer cab lost control and stopped perpendicular to the road. Kepley stopped his tractor-trailer to help.

Two other cars then lost control and went down an embankment. One of those drivers, Williams, who was in the U.S. Navy, was also trying to help.

After hitting the two men, Doran kept traveling east, taking out a traffic sign. He was later found in a wooded area on the interstate near Lake Wheeler Road.

Doran faces several charges, including felony death by motor vehicle, hit-and-run and impaired driving. He is on pre-trial release and is ordered to stay away from controlled substances and alcohol. He will also be monitored and cannot leave the state.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Feb 19, 2014

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    Putting yourself in a situation that might lead to injury or death is a far cry from pre-meditating a murder.

    Otherwise, you need to start prosecuting people who smoke around others, since tobacco smoke is a Class A Carcinogen like Asbestos, Arsenic, Benzene and other poisons.

    As much as both these groups of people fail to show concern for those around them, I doubt they are intentionally *trying* or *intending* kill others, which is the definition of 1st degree murder. That said, if they do kill someone, they should be prosecuted with Manslaughter or possibly 2nd degree murder...but not 1st degree, premeditated murder.


  • Cindy Rose Feb 18, 2014
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    If the wreck occurred on I-40 near Garner how did the driver continue driving [i]east[i] and end up near Lake Wheeler Road?

  • Anita Lambert Hawley Feb 18, 2014
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    As the parent of a hit and run fatality, I believe the young man should be charged with 2nd degree murder at least. The fact that he was impaired and driving in dangerous conditions def contributed to the "accident". Good judgement was not used. Also the decision he made to flee the scene was a deliberate act of premeditation.

  • GulfWarVet Feb 18, 2014

    If I am gathering this correctly from the article, he was under the influence at the time of the incident. that should IMMEDIATELY preclude he was trying to kill someone and therefore put him in direct path of maximum penalty ahead.

  • disgusted2010 Feb 18, 2014

    It amazes me how people today cannot accept or assign responsibility to a person. It is gun crime, gang crime, poor choices. Everything has to try to make excuses, mitigate actions or blame inanimate objects for actual behavior. Wake up people, take responsibility for your actions and hold others responsible for their actions and not tiptoe around it and make up terms to make yourselves feel better.

  • norainonmyparade Feb 18, 2014

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    He was driving 60 miles per hour on icy, snowy roads while under the influence. Maybe he didn't "mean" to kill anyone but he chose to get behind the wheel under the influence during bad weather, and then resisted arrest afterwards. He is only sorry he got caught.

  • baldchip Feb 18, 2014

    And what is his bail??? It should be 0!!! NO BAIL!!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Feb 18, 2014

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    He was driving 60MPH in those conditions and he was under the influence...oh...and he ran from the accident. 3 strikes.

    It's like you're suggesting that this kid could use the "stand your ground" defense...

  • tcook Feb 18, 2014

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    My thoughts exactly. Sad sad story and this poor young man will live with this the rest of his life

  • Forthe Newssite Feb 18, 2014
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    I'm NOT crucifying him for driving drunk-yes as younger people many of us did that and fortunately made it home safely HOWEVER the difference here is HE KILLED TWO PEOPLE AND KEPT ON DRIVING!!!! ALSO he was doing 60 mph on snow/ice! He needs to pay for this, that is BEYOND a lapse in judgement I think. SLID ON ICE, why yes he did but if he hadn't been DRUNK and driving 60mph that just might NOT have happened.......

    Yes, he'll pay for this for the rest of his life, as will his family......maybe it will cause someone else to make a correct decision and NOT drive drunk