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Harnett rejects tax increase, seeks more cuts

Posted June 24, 2011

— Harnett County commissioners on Thursday bowed to the wishes of voters and decided not to increase property taxes to balance the 2011-12 county budget.

Instead, they told County Manager Scott Sauer to revise his $100 million budget proposal and cut more spending.

Sauer's previous budget called for raising the county property tax rate by 4 cents per $100 valuation. That was after county employees complained about his other proposals. One would have laid off 30 county workers and raised the tax rate by 2 cents, and the other would have included a 5-cent increase to the tax rate and employee furloughs.

The current tax rate is 72.5 cents per $100 of valuation.

Commissioners said additional cuts would likely lead to some layoffs and some reduction in county services.

The new budget must be adopted by next Thursday.


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  • Rebelyell55 Jun 27, 2011

    superman you are correct. IF they cut salary and stop raises, then Harnett co. would be living within it's mean. If the people don't like it, there are plenty of people looking for a job. Actually they should be like most business who are laying off people, they replace them later with less pay and some with more education, It's a buyer market for people right now.

  • superman Jun 27, 2011

    lawncare5-- guess you dont know about the thousands of people who are out looking for work every day. A day off doesnt hurt nearly as much as no job. Work would be no different than if a person was out sick or out for a vacation day. Are you referring to a one day furlough or a couple weeks? Anything is better than being without a job.

  • Rebelyell55 Jun 24, 2011

    Need a 1 cent sales tax increase lawncare5

    They tried that at the last election and it was voted down. They tried to stick a gun to the voters heads and told us if it's not passed, they would raise property taxes. It was voted down by the people of Harnett. It was suppose to send a message to the Harnett co. offical to start being repsonsible and quit wasting money. The people of Harnett Co. are tired of given more and more and getting less and less. It time for our elected offical to be responsible and work for the people of Harnett co. instead of thinking we work for them. Any tax added would only allow the abuse to continue.

  • lawncare5 Jun 24, 2011

    A furlough is a nice word for a day off without pay, don't hurt as much to say it. Each department head would have to move people around, and change their priorities. Slower, less response would be the norm. The remaining employees would wear the politically correct smile, yet look for work elsewhere, in a county where the commissioners and county manager are better at planning ahead.

  • lawncare5 Jun 24, 2011

    Need a 1 cent sales tax increase. Everyone traveling in and thru the county would help, with the money going to the county, both those who live here and those going East West,,,North and South.

  • TITAN4X4 Jun 24, 2011

    As a lillington resident, I can tell you that both the county and the town have tax rates that are too high! And, cops that will stop at nothing to raise revenue. Drive Hwy 210/ 401/ 421 any day and see how may people get pulled over.

  • acceptorchange Jun 24, 2011

    You can bet with certainty that any budget cut suggestions made by Burgin and/or House, no matter how good, will be voted down by McNeill, Andrews, and Hill. These three are always going to vote together and are not going to agree with anything brought up by Burgin and House. I am amazed that Andrews actually did side with them regarding the tax increase vote.

  • Rebelyell55 Jun 24, 2011

    After this budget is passed, please review County manager job performance, and be fair, if it's not up to par, and meeting expectation, get rid of him. Don't keep thinking he'll get better, the man had a lot of experience in failure. Getting better or smarter at this stage won't happen.

  • chfdcpt Jun 24, 2011

    Try the 95.0 cents per $100.00 rate for Orane County.

  • SecurityConsultant Jun 24, 2011

    Where do you guys get these imbeciles? Want to cut major funding? Cut the Emergency Management staff and stop funding their programs designed to prevent "terrorism". Harnett County IS NOT on anyone's terrorist list. Now quit wasting MY tax dollars!