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Group seeks to block Shearon Harris expansion

Posted August 5, 2008
Updated August 8, 2008

— A watchdog group has filed a motion with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in an effort to stop Progress Energy Inc. from expanding its Shearon Harris nuclear plant in southwest Wake County.

Progress Energy wants to add two reactors at Shearon Harris, a move backed by Wake County officials.

In its motion, NC WARN cited design problems with the nuclear reactor Progress Energy wants to use, safety and security issues at the plant and the utility's cost estimates, which the group says are overly conservative. The group also said Progress Energy didn't analyze risks and the water needs of the proposed expansion as required by law.

“Many politicians have leaped to support Progress’ plans without even looking at the costs and benefits. We’re urging genuine leaders to look into the list of problems with this project, insist that Progress Energy answer all the tough questions," NC WARN director Jim Warren said in a statement.

Progress Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission declined to comment on the motion.

Recently, the Wake County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution supporting Progress Energy, saying the additional reactors would mean 500,000 new customers by 2026 and bring $2 million in tax revenue.


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  • ThisIsMyName Aug 5, 2008

    GetRight, don't try to throw reason into this... most of these posters don't have a clue. You can tell by just reading their posts.

  • GetRight Aug 5, 2008

    Actually what I gathered from the article was that WARN (with whom I am personally unfamiliar) was just trying to keep Progress Energy "honest" in the project and not trying to actually stop it.

    While the cooling towers for a nuclear reactor are immense and unsightly (would not want one in my back yard for THAT reason) Nuclear power is amazingly clean and efficient, as several posters have pointed out with details.

    I'm not opposed to WARN's efforts if their goal is to keep P.E & NC government honest in the process of build a new plant.

  • bs101fly Aug 5, 2008

    good ole NC Warns wants our kids to pay $12/gallon for gas!

    gotta love those NC Warns folks!

  • mxteam44 Aug 5, 2008

    I don't know if it's because of taxes or what, but my in-laws live in a modest house in upstate NY, and their power bill runs in the $400s each month. That's what I want! NOT!

  • Pseudonym Aug 5, 2008

    Tonight NC WARN's going to party like it's 1499!!

  • fredssmithisnotmysenator Aug 5, 2008

    All ofyou opposed to the expansion pack your bags...next stop the Middle East!

  • colliedave Aug 5, 2008

    NC Warn is in the same camp as Barry's ACORN. Bunch of nutjobs.

  • Mobile Geek Aug 5, 2008

    Cutting back, while is not a bad idea, is really only a drop in the bucket. This area is expanding very quickly and the infrastructure is not. Nuclear is the cheapest, cleanest, most practical approach to getting more power capacity to the area.

    And for those who fear Nuclear Power, please tell me when was the last major Nuclear disaster in the United States? And the crickets chirp. Three Mile Island was not a disaster. Scary yes, disaster no.

    And you can't compare what we have here to Chernobyl. Totally different reactor, safety standards, etc.

    And, I promise you, you are getting much more radiation from that television of yours than if you were sitting inside the nuclear plant facility.

    I'd be more afraid of Cell Phone towers than the nuclear plant.

  • egriffin8278 Aug 5, 2008

    Whosonfirst- no, I think you are thinking of the Ham radio enthusiasts and I haven't seen anything from the ham radio organizations to be antinuclear. The only thing I have seen on NC warn cars are bumper stickers against nuclear power and for green energy. Curious how at least one supporter is driving an SUV.

  • Scare Crow Aug 5, 2008

    as Shearon Harris once said (in so many words, a few I can't repeat here) "let them so and sos freeze in the dark"