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Goldsboro reaches $7.5M settlement with Dwayne Dail

Posted November 18, 2013

— The city of Goldsboro has settled a lawsuit with a local man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

City spokeswoman Kim Best said Monday that Dwayne Dail will receive $7,520,000 as part of a federal lawsuit in which he claimed police were negligent in their investigation, which led to his false imprisonment.

Dail was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl in 1987, and DNA evidence cleared him of the crime in 2007.

The city of Goldsboro will pay $2.71 million, and insurance carriers will pay $4.81 million, Best said.

"The city would like to express its sincerest apologies to Mr. Dail for the fact that the evidence was not catalogued and maintained sufficiently, which prolonged his imprisonment," Best said in a statement.

"We feel strongly that it is important to do what is necessary and within our power to rectify and address this situation," she continued. "The Goldsboro Police Department now has policies in place to absolutely ensure that these unfortunate errors will never be repeated. We wish Mr. Dail well in the future."

The state has paid Dail more than $350,000 in compensation for his wrongful incarceration.


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  • wildpig777 Nov 19, 2013

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    The cops that locked him up should be fired! He will never get those 18 years back


    it wasn't the cops-- it was the wayne county courthouse/ Goldsboro "justice" system which was corrupt then and corrupt now. I have written many letters to the district and superior court judges in wayne county, getting back responses that were inadequate,, I am sure I am on their WATCH LIST.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Nov 19, 2013

    Sad, but this is only right and just, especially in the light of DNA evidence.

    Nothing will restore those years to this man, but $$$ may help to pave his future in a meaningful way, if he is wise with it.

  • paintcan Nov 19, 2013

    My business involved dealings with parts of legal system in Goldsboro.Started about same time Mr Dail went to jail.
    Nothing about what they did to him surprises me.They were a dishonest lot. An old fashioned back slap & a wink good old boy network. I expect there are more like Mr Dial.

  • macy Nov 19, 2013

    He deserves much more than that....think about what it did to his family.

  • silverballwiz Nov 19, 2013

    Being falsely accused and convicted of a crime is something that you can never take back. Whether it is one day or 17 years in prison. I feel for this person. I am going through a similar circumstance and it actually happened to me. Check out this and you will see for yourself www.falseconvictions.com and it has been a very painful experience. I am glad he got the justice he has deserved and no amount of money will give him his life back.

  • Enough is Enough People Nov 19, 2013

    7.5 million? Wow looks like they got off easy. I think he would have received more than double. 18 years is a long time to serve for something you did not do.

  • Supie Nov 19, 2013

    the potential consequences for the taxpayer is staggering. There are manymany wrongfully convicted people serving sentences. Should the taxpayers sue the government for causing our tax dollars to pay for the government's mistakes?

  • babscash Nov 19, 2013

    The fact that this man will have to live with the fact that he was incarcerated for this long has probably messed him up for the rest of his life. No money can fix that but I am sure glad he is getting it so he never HAS to work to pay the bills.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Nov 19, 2013

    For every innocent that is in there is one guilty that is out.
    Wish this man had received $36,000,000...2 for each year..

    How do you pay someone for years lost??

    He should never have to pay any taxes either..

  • A person Nov 19, 2013

    No apology would ever be enough for 18 years in prison. I only hope that NC has learned that by be lax in police investigations, it will cost much more in the long run and society is no safer putting the wrong people in prison. This I like the 50th person lately that we found to be incorrectly imprisoned.