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Goldsboro police find missing 14-year-old girl

Posted July 15, 2010

— Goldsboro police say they have found a 14-year-old girl who went missing Tuesday after she got into a dark-colored Jeep Cherokee with unknown men.

Sgt. Dot Ardes sent an e-mail to the media announcing "case resolved," but did not offer any details about how Courtney Shay Champ was found.

When asked for more details, Ardes responded: "Courtney has been located and is back with her family." Ardes later added: "(She) appears to be okay. No charges are pending."

The teen is from Roper, but was living with her family at the Country Hearth Inn & Suites in Goldsboro this past week.

In their first news release, police said they believed she may have been with a 30-year-old man.


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  • anthonysconstruction Jul 16, 2010

    hi, im Courtneys sister Patty Champ im here to clarify some things up. We dont live in the hotel my father runs his own business and me and my family hav been here for work only a lil over a week now.how we knew about a 30yr old male name Marcus is because we got out and asked questions and ppl from the hotel let told us whatever they knew.the reason it wasnt listed as a ABDUCTION is all becuz one person from this hotel said she seen her getting iinto a car willinly,but when police arrived which was 10 minutes after she left my room an we discovered she was missing when i called to see if she made it back too my parents room we called police immediatley but the person who seen her gettin into car wouldnt corporate with police an tell them the same thing she told us.all that matters is my sister is back safe but we WILL find out who she was with and CHARGES will be pressed to the fullest.to all youpeople on here that thoughtyou knew everything that was going on YALL need help an be pray

  • alwaysCool Jul 15, 2010

    theroadislong, I must have missed it in the paper yesterday. I say it on the 2nd page today.

  • Rebelyell Jul 15, 2010

    Looks like the story is completely missing on this one. Usually when the family is embarrassing getting screwed over in a case like this, the news and police turn away. Too bad we can't (yet) break through the firewall these self-appointed aldermen have created, and get some reports from friends and neighbors.

  • Adelinthe Jul 15, 2010

    She looks like a handful, I pray not.

    God bless.


  • jlh4jdj Jul 15, 2010

    2cents- Your saying someone is hiding behind a screen name? Your SCREEN NAME is a sarcastic remark? That being said I deal with these kinds of situations a lot. Sometimes the parents are not helping but, often they are. Your first comment said nothing about this. I just wish people would try and understand that every situation is different. I'm just glad she's fine and hopefully things will improve for her. If you are really helping others thank you and please continue as the world has to many people trying to figure out the problem instead of helping it.

  • usmilewme2 Jul 15, 2010

    as paul harvey would say "and for the rest of the story"...cause you know there's way more here than mets the news story......

  • wdweveryyear Jul 15, 2010

    no charges??? je suis tres confus!!

  • peppercorns Jul 15, 2010

    The good ole internet strikes again....oh yes and kets not forget..LACK OF PARENTAL SUPERVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dnlsofdurham Jul 15, 2010

    Well thank you for that clarification. Still want to know what happened though.

  • Love-Me-Or-Hate-Me Jul 15, 2010

    glad shes found...