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Garner family victims of Target security breach

Posted January 20, 2014

— Dinner is very important for Christina King and Brandon Fairchild.

With three daughters, the evening meal allows the married couple to really know how the girls’ day went.

But the Garner family is now wondering how they will pay for groceries.

After dinner at a restaurant Saturday night, the family realized their bank account had a zero balance.

There were mysterious charges throughout the day, all from stores in New York.

“Somebody got our number somehow, and at that point we didn’t know exactly how they got it,” Fairchild said.

After speaking with their credit card company, it turned out they were victims of the nationwide Target security breach.

They made a $12 purchase at a Target in Garner on Dec. 2.

The security breach affected 40 million credit and debit card accounts across the country, resulting in the theft of personal information, including email addresses and names, of as many as 70 million customers. The breach affected customers who swiped their cards at a Target between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15.

Target says an estimated 1.2 million North Carolina card users might have had their credit and debit card accounts exposed.

“How do you continue living, buying groceries, getting gas, paying bills,” King said.

Customers will not be responsible for fraudulent charges, Target said. The state attorney general’s office recommends customers to continually check their credit and debit accounts as well as their credit reports.

They also should watch out for social media requests looking for their personal information.

Target is also offering one year of free credit monitoring for those impacted.

King and Fairchild were told by their bank they should not expect some of their money to start being reimbursed until the end of the month at the earliest.

For them, that’s not soon enough.

“Target, really, in our opinion, they have a responsibility to us,” Fairchild said.


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  • sunneyone2 Jan 22, 2014

    "Customers will not be responsible for fraudulent charges, Target said."
    Target is also offering credit monitoring. What more do these folks want from the store? Sounds like they want to sue. I know it is rough to lose your money, but they will eventually get it back. So what else do they want?

  • jmrado47 Jan 21, 2014

    I made a very small purchase with a debit card. When I heard the security breach at Target, I immediately canceled the debit card and was issued a new one. I have not experienced a problem with my checking account. I will never use my debit card again for any store purchase.

  • Fuquay Resident Jan 21, 2014

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    They made the purchase on Dec 2, long before the data breach was made public.

  • luvstoQ Jan 21, 2014

    "----when someone steals your debit card #, the bank is not liable. This information from a banker."

    Sorry, your 'banker' has the wrong info!! Our credit union assured us that as long as we check our accounts and inform them, we are not out any money. (And yes, it's in writing, they sent letters to us).

    Also, hate to be the bearer of bad news to everyone, but regardless of whether 'you' put your information online, or not, it's there. How do you think bankers do business???

    We were issued new cards and continue to use them as before, also continue to monitor our accounts, as before.

    We 'won't' live in fear - just be vigilant as always!

  • jcthai Jan 21, 2014

    That their bank account was emptied means they used a debit card. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would use a debit card when it doesn't have the same protections as a credit card. (Listen up Congress!) Unless you simply don't have the discipline to handle a credit card, debit cards are asking for trouble. Had this been a credit card, their bank account would be ok, and the credit card company would immediately put a hold on all the bogus transactions. In fact, most credit card companies will detect the fraud before you do.

  • norainonmyparade Jan 21, 2014

    blkmamba2 Jan 21, 8:53 a.m.
    "I'm not sure what bank they are with, but mine and many others preemptively sent notices that cards will be cancelled and a replacement sent. My bank is the most low budget you can get, Makes me wonder who are they banking with?"

    Probably BB&T. I got a notice saying that they would monitor my accounts, but not that they were issuing new cards, and I have not been issued a new card.

  • ncsugirlie Jan 21, 2014

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    Well, that's just stupid! This could and can happen anywhere.

  • gingerlynn Jan 21, 2014

    Why is this news? It's not like they are the only victims! There were 70 million of them!

  • southerntalent Jan 21, 2014

    How in this day and age of hi tech and all the times this story has been on tv and radio and the internet were they not aware of shopping at target? Simply call the banks and cancel your cards and get new ones issued with other acct #s . Don't think Target is gonna be looking out for you,you better look out for yourself.

  • Frank Downtown Jan 21, 2014

    Yes, BLKMABA2, there was a Wal-Mart credit card breach, too!